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Ways to identify an authorized training center for HRCI Certification in Nigeria

Ways to identify an authorized training center for HRCI Certification in Nigeria

Do not rush in, it is important you ask any question you may have to ensure you found the perfect fit for your HR certification exam in Nigeria, we have picked out 5 top signs you should always spot and query. So before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you found the right Certification Preparation Center CPP to avoid scam.

1. Beware of discount prices and promises, there could be hidden charges

This may seem like an obvious one, but it’s important to know what the cost of your PHRi certification exam is, too many promises of discounted price is an indication of scam. So it’s vital that you’re clear how much you’ll be paying for the training, what packages you will receive and the cost of the Certification.  At Clarionttech, Our fee covers for PHRi Preparation course, PHRi Preparation Material, PHRi exam Application Support, PHRi Bootcamp, PHRI Study Materials, PHRi Sample exam questions because We believe that transparent pricing is critical,  pricing too low or too high for certification preparation can  help you spot scammers.

2. Certification providers and (Exam) Prometric centers

It is important to know what sort of support the HR training organization is promising to provide. Please note that NO training center is approved to conduct SPHRi certification exam in Nigeria. HRCI exams are taken at Prometric centers; there you can write any certification level such as aPHR, PHRi, SPHRi and GPHR exam. The training center only act as a Certification preparatory provider CPP to prepare candidates but do not conduct exam. Do not fall for promises of conducting an exam because this is a scam.

3. Certification preparatory providers (CPP)

Before you subscribe for any of the HR certification levels, kindly verify if the certification preparatory provider is recognized by HRCi, Please do not fall for this scam, kindly visit the HR website or Send them an email to confirm. Any certificate of HR training issued by unrecognized or unverified CPPs is fake and this is scam.

4. Non certified facilitators

HRCI exam candidates often rely on Accredited Certification Preparation Providers to prepare them for HR certifications, please make sure you register with a centers with certified facilitators, we advise that you request to see the profile and experiences of facilitators before you enroll for a course. This is critical to your exam success as something cannot be founded on nothing; Teaching and learning is knowledge transfer.

5. Your success depends on several factors

Do not rely on Preparatory materials alone; This does not guarantee you will pass the exam, However, Third party exam prep products and services, tutorial groups and boot camps have helped many candidates to close any knowledge and skill gaps.


Be vigilant!!

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27th September 2023
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