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There is truly a fine art of providing professionals with content rich courses and we feel it is an art which we have pretty much managed to horn to perfection over the last years.

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Equipping professionals with contemporary skills and enhancing their knowledge is what we promise and deliver regardless of sector. 

Begin the journey today to enable you tackle existing challenges and grow within your organization. Our corporate courses have been designed for staff at all levels; from junior personnel to senior managers and directors of organizations.

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Healthcare Assistant Caregivers Training School in Nigeria

Become a Certified Healthcare Assistant with Hands-on Practical and Internship. This Healthcare Assistant Certificate training covers Caregiver training and Social

Emotional Intelligence at work

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to be in touch with one’s emotions to the point where feelings can be identified, understood, and then used in social interactions. It provides ability to read and pick up nonverbal communications, which is benefit to everyone. With our Emotional Intelligence at Work workshop your participants will be will introduced to ideas and techniques for increasing and understanding their Emotional Intelligence. These skills are widely desired by all employers as these employees are better communicators. They are better at developing relationships and have useful conflict resolution skills which are useful in every workplace.

Sensitivity Training

Sensitivity training is crucial in creating a workplace that is inclusive, and a safe place for all to work. This course will look at interactions within a group, but will be more focused towards individual's behaviors and emotions. With our Sensitivity Training workshop you will introduce topics to promote sensitivity, as well as the benefits that come along with it. It will also describe the steps that should be taken when it is determined that employees are not in compliance with the business' policy. This will then help to foster positive relationships between co-workers, and in turn benefit the whole organization.
Executive Education Courses

Corporate Training courses from Industry Experts

With immersive curriculum developed by professional and tailored to your need.

Clarion training courses cover virtually all aspects of management, including Sales, Customer relationship Management, Strategic Management, People Management (see the Management Skills section), Operations Management, SAP, Health Safety and environment (HSE) Finance, Human Resources, Public Relations and Secretarial skills.

We also specialize in technical and non-technical Oil and Gas training. Our courses have been designed to provide the very best training for staff of all levels – from junior personnel, to senior managers, to directors of organizations.

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Corporate Training courses from Industry Experts

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