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SAP FICO certification is a validation issued to you to show that you have acquired the right knowledge and skills to properly operate the SAP FICO and use it to carry out financial processes. 

In this article, I will be giving you a detailed explanation of the benefits of SAP FICO Certification. 

So, without further ado, let’s get right into why it is beneficial for you to get certified as an SAP FICO Consultant. 

• Career Advancement 

Organizations in the accounting and financial industry that use the SAP FICO software module are usually on the lookout for people who have the required skills and knowledge to use this software and improve their productivity. 

And with your certification, they can be assured that you can be able to offer proficiency to their organization.

When the job is given to you, you will use the skills and knowledge you will gain from the SAP FICO training and certification program to carry out complex financial and accounting processes and this will increase your credibility before your employers.

Your ability to handle these complex tasks that others can’t makes you stand out and also make you more valuable in the organization.

Also, when hiring for roles such as SAP Financial Analyst, SAP FICO Consultant, SAP Project Manager, and SAP Finance Manager, employers in the financial and accounting industry usually prefer candidates who have an SAP FICO certification, over those who don’t.


• Higher Salary  

When you acquire a SAP FICO certification and start using the knowledge and skills you have gotten from the certification program to effectively handle financial and accounting processes, your value will increase in the organization you work and this will lead to you being offered higher roles, which will be accompanied by a higher salary. 

And according to Payscale, SAP FICO consultants with a valid certification earn more than those who are not certified.


• Improved Skills and Knowledge 

The first step to becoming a certified SAP FICO consultant is to undergo a training or certification program.

When you attend a SAP FICO training or certification program, you will get equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge on how to properly use the SAP FICO software, and pass the certification exam. 

During the certification program, you will also be given access to resources and tools which will help you enhance your skills and knowledge in the use of SAP FICO software. 

These tools will help you get hands-on experience on how to use them in real-time.  

You will also be taught the latest trends and development in the industry that you specialize in. 

These skills and knowledge come in handy when you are done with the program and handling real-time accounting and financial processes while working in an organization.

After you have finished the training program, you can then register for the SAP FICO exam, and prepare properly for it.

Then you will sit for the certification exam and if you pass, you will be awarded a certification.


• Networking and Community 

There are several online communities where certified SAP FICO consultants can meet, discuss, and exchange ideas and this is a great avenue for you to connect with other certified SAP FICO consultants and professionals. 

Aside from the online community, SAP also organizes events periodically where SAP consultants can come together. Through these events, you can also be able to connect with industry experts, mentors, and people who are at the same level of knowledge as you.  

With these connections, you can be able to ask them questions when you are confused and learn from them. 

Your connection to experts in the SAP FICO industry can also help you get guidance and support from them on the things you don’t know yet about the industry.


• Conclusion

There are tons of SAP FICO certification benefits for finance professionals, people working in the financial industry, and people who want to learn how to use the SAP software to solve finance and accounting processes in an organization. 

As a certified SAP consultant, you can enjoy benefits such as career advancement, higher salaries, opportunities to network with other professionals, and improvement in your skills and your knowledge. 

The benefits of SAP FICO certification stated in this article shows why it is important for you to get certified if you work in an organization that uses the SAP FICO software or want to work in one someday. 

So, with that being said, click here to register for an SAP FICO training program with Clarion College.




1. What is SAP FICO certification? 

SAP FICO certification is proof given to someone who has gained knowledge and skills about the use of the SAP FICO modules and passed the certification exam. 

This certification is globally recognized in the finance and global industry hence giving you a chance of gaining a job with it in many countries in the world.  

With an SAP FICO certification, you can effectively fill roles such as SAP Financial Analyst, SAP FICO Consultant, SAP Project Manager, and SAP Finance Manager, amongst others. 


2. What Are The Benefits Of Getting SAP FICO Certified? 

The benefits of SAP FICO certification for your career include: 

  • Higher Salary 
  • Career Advancement
  • Networking and Community 
  • Improved Skills and Knowledge 


3. How Do I Become SAP FICO Certified?

The first step to becoming certified in SAP FICO is to get equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge on how to use the software module. 

You can do this by attending an SAP FICO training. These trainings are either online, in-person, or self-paced so choose the one that works best for you. 

To know more about SAP FICO training, click here. (Here, add a link to the last article I wrote titled “Comprehensive Guide to SAP FICO Training”)

The next step is to register for the SAP FICO exam. 

After registering for the exam, you will have to prepare properly for it. SAP exams are usually technical and need a lot of preparation for you to pass them. 

Click here to see the great preparatory strategies that we have created to help you ace any SAP exam. (Here, you can add a link to the article titled: Preparation Strategies To Help You Ace Your SAP Certification Exam.)

The last step is to sit for the SAP FICO exam and pass it. After you pass this exam, you will be issued a certification which will be valid for 2 years. 

After 2 years, you will have to write another exam or undergo a process to keep your certification valid for a longer period. 


4. What Is The Cost Of SAP FICO Certification? 

There is no specific cost for acquiring an SAP FICO certification. The cost differs based on factors such as the level of certification you are pursuing, the center you are undergoing a program with, and the location that you are. 


5. How Long Does It Take To Become SAP FICO Certified?

How long it takes to become SAP FICO certified depends on the time that it will take you to finish the training/certification program or the SAP FICO course you are learning from. 

It also depends on the exam dates, and availability of exam centers in your location. 

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