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How I passed my PMP Examination in one sitting


How I passed my PMP Examination in one sitting


Olatunji Bolarinwa Owolabi, Btech, PMP


As a Senior Mechanical Engineer in Food Industry, I saw the need to advance my career as a Manager by getting the right Certification to keep me on top of Peers. In this quest to become Professionally Viable with a globally accepted credential, I met the right team; Clarion College.

I checked the brief profile I could see online, Visited and was satisfied. Then I enrolled for a 5 days PMP with Primavera P6 course.

The journey was quit interesting as I resorted to study RITA PMP EXAM PREP BOOK Latest edition, Clarion College Presentation Slides, PMP fast track software, online exam sites such as:  https://www.preparepm.com/mock1.html


The ITTOs (input, tools, techniques, Output) were very helpful as most of the questions required you to understand how the inputs and outputs can be implemented across multiple knowledge areas.


Some of the PMP certification exam strategies I implemented that led to my success includes

  1.  I skipped all CPM diagrams and heavy calculations until the end
  2. I marked all tough/situational questions for a second review at the end of the exam. Seeing the questions critically in a different light on a second look makes a lot of difference. Focus was to see it in a different light to see if I missed out something.
  3. Finishing the whole book syllabus was just half the work; I practiced a lot of questions especially super PMP fast track…
  4. Exam composure and time management

I am confident that this prestigious credential will help me achieve my career goals.

27th September 2023
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