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Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a concept that refers to the strategies used by an organization to improve business relationships with customers. CRM software dates back to the 1980s — these systems gathered and analyzed customer information, just like they do today — and has become a valuable tool for businesses that want to engage with customers, drive sales and improve their marketing efforts. Think of CRM like a digital Rolodex. It keeps peoples’ contact details — names, phone numbers, addresses, etc. — in one place, making it a powerful resource for marketers. But it also streamlines sales activities and optimizes business processes.

CRM Explained

CRM helps businesses manage customer relationships. These programs gather data from customer touch points — encounters where customers exchange information, such as web forms and surveys — and displays this information on a single dashboard. A company can search for a customer’s account and discover his or her contact details, purchase history and previous interactions with customer representatives. This information lets businesses make important decisions and build customer relationships.

“CRM solutions give organizations business data to help provide services or products that your customers want, offer better customer service, help sales teams to cross-sell and up-sell more effectively, close deals, retain current customers and to better understand exactly who your customers are,” says online technology portal Webopedia.

CRM applications range in scope and design. In the past, companies could only access CRM software from one system. Today, cloud-based CRM syncs data to the cloud so users can access information from any computer with an internet connection. Also, mobile CRM apps let businesses view customer data on a smartphone or tablet anywhere in the world.

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27th September 2023
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