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9 Tips To Help You Study For Your PHRi Certification

First, what is a PHRI certification? The PHRi certification is a vital document you need to demonstrate your professional human resources knowledge and skill on a global scale. Passing this exam shows that you have a respectable understanding of HR concepts and principles.

However, as with any respectable certifications, the PHRi is gated by a formidable exam. It has 170 questions and a time limit. You shouldn’t approach exam day casually.

We want to help succeed. Keep reading for our top study tips to prepare you for your PRRi exam.

1. Assess Your Competency

First, you need to figure out where you currently stand in regards to your knowledge base. How ready are you for the exam? How much studying do you need to do?

Look into the PHRi exam details to get a better idea of what you need to know. Here is the basic outline:

  • 19% – Talent acquisition
  • 19% – HR administration and shared services
  • 19% – Talent management and development
  • 17% – Compensation, benefits, and work experience
  • 16% – Employee relations and risk management
  • 16% – Hr information management

It’s important to understand that each topic covers a plethora of information. Be sure to look at the complete outline to understand the range of material you will be tested over.

2. Stick to a Study Schedule

As a future business professional, you understand the importance of self-discipline and internal motivation. These principles also apply to PHRi certification prep. If you want to be fully prepared for this exam, you need to dedicate yourself to it fully.

Despite your other obligations (work, family, school, etc.), you must devote an adequate amount of study time each week to your PHRi exam. We recommend creating a set-in-stone schedule (barring emergencies) that you can commit to.

Learn how to say no to friends and family during your study time who want your attention. Your life can go back to normal once you’ve completed the exam.

3. Get Plenty of Sleep

Next, we understand you may be limited on time, but you should still try to get an adequate amount of sleep each night. Sleep deprivation has several negative effects on your body, including memory loss, lack of focus, and more.

You may need to temporarily cut some things out of your life to give yourself enough space to study and maintain good sleeping habits. For example, you can excuse yourself from dinner early, watch less TV, spend less time on your phone, etc.

Remember, this is just a temporary phase of your life. Short-term sacrifices won’t kill you.

4. Get a Study Partner

Some people benefit from studying with like-minded partners. Setting up study sessions will help keep you accountable and may help improve your knowledge retention.

You can work together to quiz one another. Additionally, you and your study partner may have different strengths and weaknesses. Working together can help balance each other out.

If you have the opportunity, it may also be helpful to study with a group. Group studying has a lot of benefits, such as broadening your understanding, learning faster, and keeping things interesting.

5. Use Flash Cards

When preparing for the PHRi exam, it’s also a good idea to use flashcards. While you may note treasure the idea of writing out dozens, if not hundreds of flashcards, they have proven to be an effective learning tool.

Flashcards help us strengthen the neurological connection in our brains for quick and easy data recollection. In other words, using flashcards helps us memorize important information by connecting keywords or phrases with the appropriate data.

6. Work on Time Management

As noted above, the PHRi exam has 170 questions on it. While that may not seem too terribly intense, you also have a three hour and 15-minute time limit.

Therefore, it would be in your best interest to learn some time management skills. One of the worst things you can do when taking an exam is get hung up on individual questions. The more time you spend on a single question, the less time you have for all the others.

If you don’t know the answer to a question, make a mental note of it (or circle the number) and remember to come back. Finish the other questions first, then return to any that you skipped. Then, you’ll have the remainder of your time limit to spend on those questions, without feeling rushed.

7. Get the Appropriate Study Materials

You can’t properly study for an international human resources exam without the right materials. If you’re using online study materials or courses, you need to learn how to get the most out of your investment.

Additionally, don’t rely on Google and other search engines alone to find the content you need. You need to get official study guides, books, and other materials. Official PHRi prep courses are never a bad idea.

8. Take Practice Tests

Another important tip for PHRi certification prep is to take practice tests. You can find several free options online to assess your general competency. However, it’s important to note that while these practice questions are similar to the official PHRi exam, they won’t be totally representative.

If you’re taking an online course, be sure to ask your instructors if they provide practice questions, quizzes, and/or exams.

9. Create the Right Environment to study for your PHRi exam

Finally, as with any study program, you need the right environment to focus on the material. If you can, create a study space in your home where people know not to disturb you. It’s okay to be selfish right now.

You should also remove any potential distractions during study time. This is likely to be your phone, a TV in the room, or anything else that may draw your attention away from your study material.

Your study environment is just as important as your study schedule and materials.

FAQs About the PHRi Exam

  1. What is the passing score for the PHRi exam?

The passing score for the PHRi exam is 500 on a scale of 100-700.

  1. What are the PHRi exam fees?

The PHRi exam fee is $395 for non-members and $100 for the application fee

  1. How often do I need to retake the PHRi exam?

You will need to retake the PHRi exam every three years to maintain your credential.

Are you Preparing for the PHRi Exam?

Are you gearing up for the PHRi exam? If so, we want to help!

For the best and most encompassing study plan, we recommend applying to our PHRi preparatory study course. We’ll provide you with everything you need to prepare for the exam and pass with flying colours.

Good luck, we hope to hear from you!


10th October 2023
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