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What Is The aPHRi Exam And How Can You Prepare For It?

What Is The aPHRi Exam And How Can You Prepare For It?

Are you thinking about a career in human resources? The average salary is around 200,000 NGN per month right now. Those with more qualifications have an even higher earning potential.

You might be thinking about upgrading your skills to secure a better position. Whether you’re just starting or have some experience, you might consider a certificate like aPHRi.

To achieve this certificate, you know you’ll need to do some studying. What is the aPHRi exam like, and how can you prepare for it? This helpful guide will walk you through so you’ll have the best chance at passing your exam.

What is aPHRi Certification?

aPHRi stands for Associate Professional in Human Resources International. It’s a type of certificate you can receive after taking an exam.

What does aPHRi certification entail? It shows basic knowledge of human resources. It also demonstrates your competence in this field.

This human resource certification test is designed for entry-level candidates. You don’t need to have prior HR experience. You also don’t need any other certificates or training to take the exam.

That makes it perfect for those who are looking to launch their career. It’s also a good choice for those who are working in their first HR job and want to showcase their qualifications.

The aPHRi certificate shows you’re willing to take extra training for your HR career. It also shows that you’re an excellent choice for a job with an international company. Your knowledge and skills may translate to other jobs in offices around the world.

In short, aPHRi is the perfect certificate for anyone who wants to get a leg up as they begin their career.

How to Take the aPHRi Exam

The aPHRi exam showcases your knowledge of what’s covered in classroom training.

You’ll need to complete the exam via computer at your nearest Pearson Vue testing centre. The exam consists of 25 pretest questions, along with 100 multiple-choice questions.

You can expect to spend around two hours writing the exam.

When Can You Take the Test?

Testing is available year-round, so you don’t need to wait for a particular time to take the exam. It’s a good idea to complete the classroom training course before you attempt the exam. Using the exam prep materials is also in your best interest.

Don’t worry about needing to wait too long, though. The classroom training takes three days, which means you’ll be ready to take the exam in short order. You may be able to take the aPHRi exam preparatory course online as well, so check if this is an option available to you.

You’ll receive a student manual, which includes material covered during training. The classroom training includes discussion and exercises, which are both engaging and interactive.

At the end of each chapter, you’ll need to complete some practice questions as well. These questions can help you prepare for the exam, as well as your career in HR. They’re designed to give you a feel for the kinds of situations you’ll encounter in a real HR department.

With this training and the exam prep materials, you’ll be ready to study for the aPHRi exam.

What’s on the Exam?

HRCI provides an overview of the material on the aPHRi exam. With this document, you can direct your studying efforts more.

The exam covers six functional areas:

  • HR Operations
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Human Resource Development and Retention
  • Employee Relations
  • Health, Safety, and Security

The document also provides a breakdown of how much of the exam is focused on each of these different areas.

HRCI does not provide exact questions that will be on the exam. The practice questions provided with your classroom training, as well as the exam preparation materials, can help here. The questions may not be exactly the same, but they may cover much of the same material.

The exam showcases your knowledge in each of these crucial areas of HR. It’s designed to tell potential employers that you’re a well-rounded HR professional, with skills in each of these areas.

How to Study for the Exam

Once you’ve completed the training, you should be ready to put in a few hours of study before you take the exam. Go back over your notes and your student manual. Complete any practice questions you haven’t finished yet.

You should also go over the exam prep materials as well. These are specifically designed to help you excel on the test.

Remember to take study breaks, and don’t stress over the test. If you’ve completed the course, you should be set to take the exam.

What to do After the Test

Once you’ve completed aPHRi training and passed the exam, you’ll be certified for three years. At the end of this period, you’ll need to take another exam for recertification.

Recertification is important in a dynamic field like HR. Rules and regulations are always changing. Best practices are always evolving, as employers adapt to changes in the job market.

It should be clear why you can’t take the exam once and never take another human resource certification test. What you know about employee retention tactics may not be what the best practice is in three years. It’s always best to keep updating your knowledge.

You can also complete other human resource tests to continue growing your qualifications. For example, you may want to continue training with the SHRM Certified Professional or another course.

HRCI also offers other training certificates for HR professionals. Some of these courses are for people who have years of experience, so you may need to wait to be able to take them. Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to plan to take them as you continue to grow in your career.

Get Ready to Launch Your HR Career

By taking the aPHRi course and exam, you’re demonstrating to potential employers your knowledge and your commitment. You’ll be setting yourself on the right path to a rewarding career in HR.

Looking for more professional training courses? There are plenty to choose from, and almost all of them can help you launch a rewarding career in your chosen field.

Not sure where to start? Get in touch with the experts and discover the courses that are right for you.

10th October 2023
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