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Top 5 Benefits of Human Resource Management

I have always believed that good Human Resource Management Practices creates a lot of difference in enhancing the productivity of the employees.

What exactly is Human Resource Management?

Last few decades has witnessed lots of changes in the strategies adopted in managing people.

There were limitations in everything.

Limited Economy

Limited Growth with Limited Opportunities

Limited functions in a company which were doing lot of manual work. However, times have changed and mind set also changed. Organizations realized that investment in people will give them long term returns. Hence, the focus of HRM was on dealing with people and how the decisions are going to affect their productivity.

HR helps in BUILDING teams in an organization.

HR helps in BUILDING an organizational culture.

HR helps in people ENGAGEMENT and DEVELOPMENT.

Let us see how Human Resource Management is contributing in the current scenario:-

1. HRM helps in Hiring and Training the Workforce

Manpower planning is one of the most important responsibilities of the HR department. HR managers devise hiring strategies for bringing in the right kind of people in their organization. They prepare their Job Descriptions which is best suited for the role in the company. After hiring they also plan for the employee’s induction with a well laid out training and development plans for them.


2. HRM takes care of the Performance Management System

HR is responsible for keeping people feel motivated for their work. First comes the task of defining an individual’s role. Thereby an effective feedback mechanism from time to time helps the employees to improve their skills. This helps in alignment of the organizational objectives with their own personal goals. An effective PMS helps in recognition and rewarding people’s performance.

3. HR helps in building culture and values in the organization

Performance of an individual is dependent on the work atmosphere or culture that prevails in an organization. Creating a good conducive working environment is expected from the HR department. A safe and clean work culture helps in bringing the best of an employee and creates a higher job satisfaction.

4. Conflict Management is also an important responsibility of HR

There can be many occasions where there is a disagreement between the employee and the employer. You cannot avoid conflicts from happening. But you can surely try and manage them. Here comes the role of the human resource department in acting as a counselor and a mediator to sort the issues in an effective manner. The HR takes timely action so that thing does not go out of hands.


5. HR is responsible for developing good relations

Establishing cordial relations lies with the HR to a great extent. They are responsible for holding meetings, seminars and all official gatherings on behalf of the management. Apart from core HR role, if required, the department also lends a helping hand in drafting business and marketing plans for the company.

So you can very well see that a proper HR department helps in building and managing an organization. Hence, companies are laying a greater emphasis on setting up strong and effective Human Resource Department.

27th September 2023
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