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Training has always been a complex term that leads to a wide range of responses, depending on the participant. Usually, employees groan internally and even try to hide every bit of bitterness. According to most employees, school was over a long time ago, and there’s no need to once again get evaluated on a regular basis.

For a manager who’s not a training professional, it can be quite terrifying to get training thrusted upon him or her. However, employee motivation and training lay the foundation for better performance and productivity.

Importance of Motivation in Employee Training:

There are many different ways to make employee training more effective for your managers, and less exhausting for your employees. With some planning, you can easily spot certain problems during training and even address them to motivate your employees, boost morale and make the most out of employee training.

–       Lack of employee motivation in training can lead to various problems. The most common problem is engagement. Engagement is a certain aspect which keeps your employees interested. If you’re planning to train your employees with software, various applications can be used to keep them engaged.

–       Morale is another motivational issue. Usually, employees who feel better about of their work and themselves work harder to accomplish goals and keep the same mindset. However, it is important to understand that employee motivation should target both managers and employees. They always go hand-in-hand.

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Tips to Motivate Employees for Better Performance:

Employee motivation is extremely important for better performance and productivity. Here are some important tips to help motivate your employees quickly and efficiently.

1. Reward & Recognition Program.

For executives, it is very important to clearly understand their goals and objectives. You need to define what you want to achieve. Once you’re clear about your goals, you can use a ‘rewards and recognition’ program to achieve these goals. There are many different ways to reward your team and even recognize the merits. This will keep your employees motivated and help you achieve the results you wanted. This is a highly effective technique and works without any fail.

2. Don’t Just Focus on Financial Rewards.

Usually, managers commit a common mistake while trying to motivate employees. They only use financial rewards for employee motivation. Once you start motivating your employees with financial rewards, you need to be consistent about it. This can significantly increase your budget. However, there are many other ways to motivate your employees. You just need to recognize, praise and appreciate whenever your employees perform well.

3. Everyone Wants to Be Recognized.

There’s not a single person in your organization who doesn’t need to be motivated. Whether you talk about quieter employees, competent employees or managers, you need to motivate everyone. You need to be well aware of what they do and their contributions. This way, you will be able to strengthen your team and achieve company goals. You not only want to reward junior-level staff, but even your managers. Since your business is an ongoing entity, employee motivation also needs to be ongoing.

 4. Control of Consequences over Behavior.

If you keep tracking positive results, it will soon lead to desired behavior from your employees. Thus, you will be able to maximize performance and productivity. You need to understand that rewards always work better than punishments (threats of layoffs, cutting wages and so on). If you appreciate an employee’s work, he will want the same to happen again. Therefore, he will work harder and faster. In time, this will become a habit and the employee’s performance will be maximized.

5. Focus on Technology.

Just positive reinforcement and motivational speeches by managers are never enough. In order to keep employees motivated, you need to use the right kind of resources and tools. Conventional training is not sufficient to train your employees, keep them motivated and maximize performance in a business organization. If you want to deliver top results, you need to adopt a continuous learning environment. You need to make sure that training activities are integrated with daily workflow.

This way, you will be able to eliminate any prerequisites. Moreover, employees will also cherish freedom from training, while being trained on-the-job. Currently, better performance and productivity can be achieved with the help of certain technologies like Walk-Me.

Walk-Me helps your employees learn while they work, guiding them in the moment of need. It makes the training process relevant and immediate to them.

All of these tips are just some starting point in enhancing employee motivation.  Recognition, communication and employee empowerment go along way in raising motivation and performance.

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