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The responsibilities of a Project Manager are very broad but can be categorized as follows:

•        Responsibility to the performing organization

•        Responsibility to the Project and the client

•        Responsibility to the project team


Responsibilities of a Project Manager to the performing organization.

This refers to responsibility of the PM to the firm and Management of the organization undertaking the project. Some of the responsibilities to the firm include proper conservation of resources, timely and accurate project communications, and the careful, competent management of the project.

It is very important to keep senior management of the performing organization fully informed about the project’s status, cost, timing, and prospects. Senior managers should be warned about likely future problems. The PM should note the chances of running over budget or being late, as well as methods available to reduce the likelihood of these dread events. Reports must be accurate and timely if the PM is to maintain credibility, protect the parent firm from high risk, and allow senior management to intercede where needed.  Most importantly the PM must never allow his Senior management to be surprised. The PMI pulse report on Strategic impact of project.


Responsibilities of a Project Manager to the Project and the client

The PM’s responsibility to the project and client is met by ensuring that the integrity of the project is preserved in spite of the conflicting demands made by the many parties who have legitimate interests in the project. The manager must deal with all the parties who are resistant to change caused by the project. He must know how to deal with all the various stakeholders who have differing views, opinions and interests so that the client’s interest is protected. The PM must sort out understanding from misunderstanding, soothe ruffled feathers, balance petty rivalries, and cater to the demands of the client. One should, of course, remember that none of these strenuous activities relieves the PM of the responsibility of keeping the project on time, within budget, and up to specifications.


Responsibilities of a Project Manager to the project team

The project manager’s responsibilities to members of the project team are dictated by the finite nature of the project itself and the specialized nature of the team. Because the project is, by definition, a temporary entity and must come to an end, the PM must be concerned with the future of the people who serve on the team. If the PM does not get involved in helping project workers with the transition back to their functional homes or to new projects, then as the project nears completion, project workers will pay more and more attention to protecting their own future careers and less to completing the project on time. In most organisations, it is very common for the PM to have no direct subordinates in spite of the fact that several, perhaps many, people “work for him/her” on the project. These people form what we have been referring to as the “project team.” In spite of the strange circumstance where people are said to work for someone who is not their boss, the PM’s relationship to the team may be considerably closer than one might expect, particularly when individuals are assigned to spend much or all of their time working on the project. The PM must earn the trust and respect of his team by also watching out for them. Directing is a major responsibility he owes the team and he must ensure that his team is not kept in the dark about the project.

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As the Project Manager tries to do the needful by all the stakeholders, the achievement of his project becomes achievable and he is able to meet the project objectives while ensuring that all his stakeholders are satisfied with the project and its outcome.

27th September 2023
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