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Organizational benefit of Employee Safety Committee

Employee Safety Committee’s: Productive Meeting Ideas

Applying relevant Health, Safety and Environmental Safety practices can lead a contemporary organization to increased productivity as it impacts on the moral of all employees. One of such practice is having a breathing Safety committee meeting.

Safety committees have been proven to increase safety in the workplace. When properly set up and maintained, safety committees can be fun and integral part of your safety management. The problem with even the most well-planned and well-executed safety committee is that any committee can begin to fizzle after an extended period. As in any group, if the committee no longer enjoys the meetings and/or no longer perceives a benefit to meetings, the constructive nature of the committee will no longer be maintained, and the employees looking to the committee for guidance will in turn decrease safety procedures. Therefore, safety committees need to create the same fun, informative guidance to employees. The following are some fun committee ideas:

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·         Bring in guest speakers

·         Present Awards

·         Keep a log of action items for Safety Incidents, repairs, support for work crews

·         Change up the meeting location

·         Have snacks & drinks

·         Pick a great leader (Someone who communicates well and can delegate responsibilities)

·         Make sure the committee ideally has at least seven members

·         All departments should have one representative

·         Set up a “charter”

·         Hold brainstorming sessions

·         Conduct statistical reviews of the Safety Statistics, i.e “Good Catches, Near Miss Reports, quality Task Hazard documents, pro-active ideas”

·         Use the committee to communicate good Safety Practices and any other rules and/or procedures

Try it a out! Your organization will have a very successful and enjoyable outcome for the overall safety of all employees!

27th September 2023
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