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How to Write a Short Bio About Yourself


How to Write a Short Bio About Yourself

Writing a bio can be a fun challenge, a look at some peoples bio could get you wondering and thinking out loud; most especially in the present era. Most times, individuals and companies tend to write astray, mix up and add what isn’t required in a standard bio. Write a brief biography to introduce yourself, highlight achievements, list credentials and any notable projects with which you are involved. Bios should be short and concise, listing only relevant information. Avoid listing personal statistics, such as family and hobbies; instead angle the bio to the intended audience, whether for a personal website or a professional networking website. We made an amazing e-book to guide you.


For free resource follow these methods:

Introduce Yourself

Begin the bio by introducing yourself, and always write in the third person. For example, write “Jane Akindele is a freelance writer” rather than “I am a freelance writer.” State what year your relevant work experience began, such as “has been writing professionally since 2001” or “worked as a consultant since 2006,” and list any areas of specialized expertise.

Education and Credentials

List your education after the introduction sentence, including the name of any degrees you have earned and the institution you attended. Include any other relevant experience, such as additional certifications earned as well as the names of any professional organizations that count you as a member.

Notable Achievements

State any notable achievements or awards earned. Keep the information relevant to the intended audience of the bio. Authors can briefly list the names of any publishing houses or magazine titles where their work has been published. Business professionals can highlight awards or other recognition achieved in their careers.

Closing Statement

Conclude the bio by briefly stating any current or upcoming projects, such as a new book coming out. The last sentence should state where you reside, such as “Jane Akindele lives in Ikoyi, Lagos.” Adjust the bio as necessary when your education, expertise or achievements change to reflect the most current information. For a well detailed resource, grab an e-book now.

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