The rights of bosses have come under fierce attack in recent years. Once upon a time, bosses could hire or fire as they pleased. Now a manager can’t even fire a hopelessly incompetent worker without worrying about being sued.

Many in the employment law arena believe that workers’ “rights” have gotten out of hand. Fire any member of a protected group and your company could easily be forced to spend thousands in legal fees to defend against discrimination charges.

We’ve mounted a campaign to show executives how to take back their rights to hire and fire at will. From now on, managers will be able to tell problematic employees to shape up or ship out – with no risk of winding up in court. Make the laws work for you with Fire at Will, our best-selling special report.

The truth is, there are ways to get rid of employees in almost any situation. The trick is how you do it. Fire at Will shows you simple techniques that give you an unassailable legal position. You’ll learn:

  • The ultimate right (and most powerful weapon) you possess as a boss
  • How to get rid of trouble-making employees in almost any situation
  • How to derail claims of race, sex and age discrimination
  • How to make your company “sue-proof”
  • How to protect your right to fire at will – or reclaim it if you have lost it
  • Federal laws you must know about and abide by

Hiring is just as risky as firing. That’s why we offer Hire at Will, so you can approach interviews and hiring with confidence. This companion to Fire at Will guides and advises you on what you can do – legally – to hire the people you want without fear of being sued. You’ll learn:

  • How to get all the information you need out of a job candidate without breaking the law
  • The 8 most loaded interviewing questions that elicit the information you’re really looking for
  • The “magic” statement to include on all job applications to retain your right to “fire at will”
  • How to make your company “sue-proof”
  • When help-wanted advertising must include an EEO statement
  • Written tests – which ones work best? Which are legal? Which should you absolutely avoid?

Take the steps necessary to make the laws and regulations affecting your rights to hire or fire employees work for you rather than against you. And do it without risking a dime!

We have developed our way of acquainting you with a remarkable service called HR Specialist: Employment Law.

You’ll learn how to protect yourself from expensive, morale-draining employee lawsuits … find the best person for every job in your company … get rid of those who don’t pull their weight … avoid paying overtime (legally!) … and much more!

27th September 2023
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