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Employee Safety

Safety Counts

In our daily endeavors to meet production numbers, we sometimes focus on the numbers rather than the safety measures that must be in place as part of the goals. Management and employee safety should be your number one goal. As a member of management you are tasked with the responsibility of making sure that safety is in place and functional.

In the daily assignments of production target goals, we must be diligent in insuring that the team understands that safety is their number one priority. The temptation will always arise on bypassing safety switches to guarantee production numbers.

If your machinery has moving parts, it is important that there are safety guards in place. We have witnessed magnets being used on safety switches with the guards completely removed from the machinery and people reaching into machinery to make sure that the line is not stopped at all expense.

It is advisable that a safety Procedures manual be written that includes all machinery in your facility and the safety devices clearly described. It is also important to foster the idea of safety with your crews and hold periodic meetings that will insure that the procedures are followed. A log book of daily findings should be started to allow the management officials know just how well you are following Safety Protocol.

Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) procedures are important as well. Recently on one of my assignments, I found a tag on a piece of equipment while the line was running and the safety guard was non existent. It was on the floor next to the machine. An LOTO tag was on the machine. A LOLO is not intended to allow the bypassing of safety’s, it is intended to STOP the machine and make necessary repairs. With that in mind, in your safety log, there should be an alternative method in place as a back up to the machinery. NEVER try to make the repair with the machine running or plugged in.

Employees should make commitment to yourself today to begin to follow the safety procedures at all costs. Never accept an edict to run the machine from you Supervisor at the expense of the safety of your employees. You are protected. The Team is your “Golden” tool to completing tasks and must understand the LOLO is important to the Occupational Safety and health Program.

27th September 2023
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