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Obtain A World Recognized HSE Certificate from World Safety Organization. Training with Clarion College gives you the best of Safety training and experience and also gives you an internationally recognized certificate that can be used anywhere in the world.

HSE level 1 2 3 covers basic knowledge of safety and health for those who are new to the work environment or those who have not had any prior safety training. The course is also beneficial for employees who wish to refresh their knowledge on safety and health.

Everyone is eligible to take Clarion College HSE level 1 2 3 courses to Understand and implement good HSE standards and practices in their respective organization, Imbibe an effective Health and Safety culture, Understand Risk Assessment and HSE Strategies, Health and Safety Policies and Management of Risk, Fire Safety, Physical Processes of work and the Environment, HSE Audit, Management & Control of Contractors, Emergency Management.

After Training, the candidates will be required to seat for an international exam on the last day of training. Afterwards, Internationally recognized HSE Certificates Will be issued Accredited by World Safety Organization Global Office in the US.

Taking the HSE 1 2 3 training with Clarion College gives delegates an automatic membership with World Safety Organization. As a member,

  • Name will be listed on the WSO international Website for Employers to verify
  • Membership Certificate will be issued with a Unique Membership code
  • Member will Participate in all WSO functions around the World
  • Members will participate fully in the network of Safety professionals.


  • Internationally recognized Safety Certification you can use within and outside Nigeria
  • Certification is valid for any industry and does not have expiry date
  • Graduates will Participate in all WSO functions around the World
  • Upon course completion you can participate fully in the network of Safety professionals.

How much does HSE cost?

Fee: HSE Level 1,2 & 3 ₦59,999

HSE training for corpers ₦17,999  Use Coupon code HSENAIJACORPC during checkout if you have a valid NYSC ID card


How Can I Become A HSE Officer In Nigeria?

To become an HSE Officer in Nigeria, follow these steps:

  • Enroll and Undergo an HSE Training Course: The first step you need to take towards becoming an HSE officer is enrolling in an accredited HSE training course with a recognized training provider like Clarion College. 

In this course, you will learn all about the key aspects of health, safety, and environment in the workplace. 

  • Obtain a Certification: When you are choosing an HSE training course to enroll in, make sure you choose one that you will get certified at the end of it. You should go for certifications such as NEBOSH (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health), HSE Level 1, 2, and 3, and other relevant certifications recognized in Nigeria.

With these certifications, you will have more edge in the job market, and they will serve as proof that you have adequate knowledge about the best HSE practices and you are fully committed to the field.

  • Apply For and Get a Job: After you have successfully undergone an HSE course and obtained a certification, you can then use it to apply for entry-level HSE positions or internships to gain practical experience.

Make sure that while you are going job hunting, you highlight your HSE training and certifications on your resume so that you can stand out to your potential employers. You can also talk about any other relevant skills or experiences that you have that align with the specific requirements of HSE Officer positions in Nigeria.

All thanks to the diverse career opportunities that having an HSE certification gives you, you can use it to apply to different companies in various industries. 

  • Pursue Continuous Professional Development: Gaining an HSE certification and getting a job isn’t the end of the road, you need to continuously look for ways to develop professionally and improve your skills so that you can stay competitive and up-to-date in the safety field.  

Who Is The HSE Training Course For? 

  • People who are new to the Health, safety, environment (HSE) field. Those with no Health, safety, environment, and security experience who wish to move into this area for employment.
  • Those with an interest in the environmental consequence of engineering failures, toxic waste disposal, and environmental risk assessment.
  • Those with a special interest in ergonomics, human factor, and occupational safety manager training and certification.
  • Those already working in an HSE role. Officers already practice Health, Safety, and Environment as well as security, but need improved knowledge and skill with a backup certification from a National and International Safety Accredited body.

How Long Is HSE Training?

The length of an HSE training course depends on the type of certification you enroll for, the level of certification, the training provider you enroll with, and the format in which you are taking the course. For example, undergoing an HSE classroom training program, you can complete the course in 5 to 7 days, but if you opt for the online learning method which is usually self-paced, you will study it whenever you are free and it could take you months to complete it. 

Can I Study HSE Online?

Yes, you can study the HSE level 1,2,3 course online with Clarion College. This virtual course is well-packed and equips you with all the knowledge you need to obtain an internationally recognized certification that doesn’t expire, and that you can use within or outside the country.

It is also self-paced so you study the materials in it from the comfort of your home or office for a period of 6 months, as compared to the in-person classroom course which lasts for a week. 

Another good part of this online course is that, by opting for it, you will save 20% of the cost of classroom training. 

With the virtual course, you can still enjoy all the benefits of enrolling for this course which includes a good path to WSO professional membership, participation in global WSO functions, full participation in the network of Safety professionals, and lots more. 

Where Can I Work With My HSE Certificate?

With an HSE certification, you can work in the following industries: breweries, construction, oil and gas, power and energy, mining, telecommunications, transport and rail, manufacturing, fire, environmental management, aviation, military, logistics, consulting, and maritime, amongst others. 

Here are career opportunities you can open to as a certified HSE professional: 

  • Chief Safety Manager
  • HSE Officer
  • Plant HSE Officer
  • Safety Officer
  • LMI Officer 
  • HSE Coordinator
  • Safety Supervisor 
  • Marketing and Sales Manager 
  • HSE Lead
  • SHEQ Officer
  • Safety and Security Assistant
  • Health and Safety Manager 
  • Construction HSE Engineer 
  • OHS Consultant 
  • Head Of Safety 
  • Risk Manager 
  • Sports and Physical Education Officer 
  • SHERQ Practitioner
  • Health and Safety Officer
  • Quality, Health Safety and Environment (QHSE) Manager 

…….and lots more.


How Much Is HSE Officer Salary In Nigeria?

The average salary of an HSE officer in Nigeria is between 100,000 naira to 600,000 naira depending on your work experience level, your certification level, the industry you work in, the company you work in, and the location of the company you work in. 

Where Can I Study HSE Course In Nigeria or Ghana? 

Clarion College is the best training center to study a course on any of the HSE levels of certification in Nigeria and Ghana. 

You can enroll in our HSE courses at any of these training centers:
Phone: 09078576732
Address: 1 Adegbeyemi Street, off Allen Avenue, Ikeja Lagos.
Email: support@clariongr.com

  • Abuja
    Phone: 09076958933
    Address: 108 MKK Plaza, 22 IT Igbani Street Jabi
    Email: support@clariongr.com
  • Port Harcourt
    Phone: 09016151199
    Address: 15 Ken Saro Wiwa Road (Former stadium road) Port Harcourt.
    Email: support@clariongr.com
  • Accra, Ghana
    Phone: 0209755435
    Address: 25 Jungle Road, East Legon, Accra, Ghana.
    Email: support@clariongr.com

You can also register for this course by filling out the form below, and one of our consultants will reach out to you shortly for questions and clarification on your registration.

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