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(QMS) Internal Auditor Training ISO 9001




Get industry-specific auditing training. This course teaches you to develop, implement, and audit an internal quality system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001. The workshop-style format gives you hands-on experience so you’re ready for the requirements of your job.

Meet the training requirements for internal auditors for Management Systems through training in the principles and current interpretation of the requirements as related to AS9100D and the ISO 19011 audit guideline document. The course provides students with a uniform interpretation of the standard requirements related to auditing of Aerospace Management Systems, and the examination evaluates participants as potential auditors. Learn critical knowledge for your staff and management and qualify additional staff to conduct internal audits. Offered in cooperation with PECB.


  • Understand the AS9100D requirements
  •  Interpret the AS9100D requirements within an audit scenario
  •  Identify the attributes of a process-based audit
  •  Identify audit questions that result in evidence
  •  Identify nonconformities in an audit scenario
  •  Understand terminology and definitions as they apply to the AS9100D auditing process
  •  Identify the knowledge and skills associated with internal audits
  •  Identify audit principles
  •  Identify roles and responsibilities of the Internal Auditor
  •  Identify the personal attributes of an internal auditor
  •  Identify the attributes of an Internal Audit Plan, an Audit Checklist, Opening Meetings during Internal Audits, Audit Interviews, Audit Evidence(conformities & nonconformities), Internal Audit Report, Internal Audit Closing Meetings


  1. The internal quality system
    1. How the seminar is conducted
    2. Registration as an Internal Auditor
    3. Types of audits and auditors/definitions
  2. Introduction/overview of course objectives
  3. Analysis and interpretation of AS9100 (Workshop #1)
  4. The quality system
  5. The quality audit cycle and ISO 19011
  6. Pre-audit activities
  7. Internal audit case study presentations (Workshop #2)
  8. On-site audit activities
  9. Nonconformity reports (Workshop #3)
  10. Report writing
  11. Corrective action
  12. Corrective action case study (Workshop 4)
  13. Final examination

Course is open to all.


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