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Industrial First aid & Emergency Care



Basic First Aid and CPR is another required knowledge and certification the industry is holding at high esteem. In this training you will learn step by step procedures to follow in emergency situations.

We train our students to international standard, our students are competent to work in any field and anywhere in the world. In the area of safety, we know the exact safety knowledge the industries needs her candidate to have and that is what we concentrate on.



  • Aims and objectives of first aid
  • Scope of first aid
  • Qualities of a first aider
  • General rules guiding first aiders
  • The responsibilities of the first aider
  • Four Bs of first aid
  • First aid box contents
  • Principles and practices of emergency management
  • ABC of first aid
  • How to conduct a primary and secondary survey of a scene

  • Introduction
  • What is CPR?
  • The heart and pulmonary system
  • Why you Start CPR Immediately?
  • Sequence of CPR
  • Main stages of resuscitation¬† (A,B,C)
  • Recovery position
  • Check responsiveness
  • When Can I Stop CPR?
  • Injuries Related to CPR
  • Choking (definition, causes, signs of choking)
  • Rescue action in choking

  • Burns (1st degree, 2nd degree and 3rd degree)
  • Amputation
  • Heart attack
  • Impaired objects (Eye injury)
  • Shock (causes, symptoms and treatment)
  • Fainting (causes, symptoms and treatment)
  • Hyperventilation (causes, symptoms and treatment)
  • Chocking (Conscious and unconscious infant, child and adult)
  • Broken Bones (Fracture and Dislocation with their symptoms and treatment)



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