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EMS Internal Auditor Training ISO 14001




This course explains the environmental aspects and impacts of an organization. It helps you deliver an ‘auditable’ output to your organization that is conformant to the ANSI/ISO 14001: Standard.

Participants will work through a step-by-step, self-paced guided process for identifying significant environmental aspects and impacts within your organization. The step-by-step project results in real tangible deliverables, yet is fun and productive too. Identifying environmental risks and addressing them is the most important and most difficult part of implementing ISO 14001.”
The Identifying Environmental Aspects and Impacts course consists of a series of lessons, illustrations, diagrams, examples, supplemental handout information, project management forms, interactive exercises, and quizzes. A handy desk reference, Quality WBT Glossary, and online access to ISO 14001 are included as well. This class is designed to be a project guide. There will be assessmentts, and students are given ample time to answer the questions. To receive a certificate, students must pass all the tests and visit all the lesson pages.


  • Explain the environmental aspects and impacts of an organization.
  • Construct a simple methodology for identifying aspects and determining impacts.
  • Put the identification methods you learn into practice.
  • Deliver to your organization an ‘auditable’ output that is conformant to the ANSI/ISO 14001: Standard.
  • Lead your organization through the processes of identifying its environmental aspects and determining impacts.
  • Produce easy-to-use forms for the various tasks involved.
  • Use this information to assist your organization to identify its own environmental aspects and determine its own impacts.


EMS coordinators or those tasked with identifying environmental risks and impacts.





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