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Defensive Driving And Journey Management



Journey management / defensive driving is another training and certification which surely gives holder an edge.
Every organization needs proper journey management checklists and also training driver to be defensive minded is paramount. Clarionttech Services Limited delivers driver safety training in a range of affordable options and formats to meet the needs of your organization, its employees, drivers and vehicle types from passenger cars and vans to mid-size trucks, and large commercial carriers to emergency vehicles.

Our Defensive Driving Training provides:

  • Leading-edge curriculum for greater comprehension and content retention
  • Cost effective training solutions for organizations of all sizes
  • Immediate and post-incident training when timing is critical
  • New employee or refresher training
  • Flexibility for ease of scheduling and student participation
  • Remote, on-site and customized training

National Safety Council Defensive Driving Courses include:

  • Defensive Driving Online
  • NSC Certified Defensive Driving Courses
  • Defensive Driving Packaged Classroom & Self-study
  • Defensive Driving for Truck and Van Drivers
  • Defensive Driving for Emergency Vehicle Operators
  • Defensive Driving for Teens and Young Adults
  • NSC Instructor-led Courses at Your Facility



  • Driver competency model
  • SAFER System of Defensive Driving
  • Adverse conditions
  • Most common collisions
    • Rear end collisions
    • Backing collisions
    • Intersection collisions
  • Other Collisions
    • Vehicle in front collisions
    • Passing and being passed collisions
    • Head on collisions
    • Bicycle collisions
    • Motorcycle collisions
    • Train collisions
    • Wildlife collisions
  • Drinking, driving, and drugs
  • Fatigue
  • Distraction
    • Cellular phone related collisions

  • The elements that comprise a typical Journey Management program
  • Crafting program policies and procedures
  • The journey planning process, including pre-trip, en route, and post-trip procedures, trip documentation, and best practices
  • Journey Management program roles and responsibilities
  • The creation and use of risk scorecards
  • The purpose of a Journey Management program



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