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Supply Chain Management


Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management improves the coordination and relationship between Suppliers, Producers, and Customers. It must be kept at a high level of organization to be successful in today’s global economy. Goods and services are now pieced together from all over the world, and this process can be hectic and complicated if not managed correctly.


With Supply Chain Management your company and employees will be on target to lower costs, improving efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction. This course will provide your employees with the understanding of how Supply Chain Management can improve and help almost any type of business.


What you will get;

Planning and implementation of supply chains and supply chain strategies.

Performance measurement, relationships, designing of distribution networks, propose transport networks.

Demands forecasting, risks management, operations planning and accounting for logistics and supply chains.

Planning and implementation of supply chains, using SCOR model.

Implementing and managing globalization in logistics and supply chains.

Sales implementation, procurement management, sourcing management, and warehouse management.


Who should attend?

Supply chain management courses are ideal choice for those looking for a career and expertise in:

Operations, Logistics, Warehousing, Product Development, Distribution, Process Management, Procurement



  • Training Objectives

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Improving Performance
  • Lowering Costs
  • Product Development
  • Case Study

  • Procurement
  • Upstream and Downstream
  • Raw Material
  • Forecasting
  • Carrying Cost
  • Case Study

  • Inventory
  • Order Generation
  • Order Taking
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Returns Management
  • Case Study

  • Strategic level
  • Tactical level
  • Operational Level
  • Bullwhip Effect
  • Case Study

  • Plan
  • Source
  • Make
  • Deliver
  • Return
  • Case Study

  • The Product Flow
  • The Information Flow
  • The Finances Flow
  • Data Warehouses
  • Case Study

  • Levels of Inventory
  • Just-In-Time Inventory
  • Keeping Accurate Records
  • Inventory Calculator
  • Case Study

  • The Suppliers
  • The Producers
  • The Customers
  • The Customer”s Customer”s
  • Case Study

  • Dashboard
  • RFID”s
  • Alert Generation
  • Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)
  • Case Study

  • Inventory Alerts
  • Supplier Alerts
  • Bottlenecking
  • Being Proactive
  • Case Study

  • Course Curriculum

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    Course Reviews


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    1. 4

      good course delivery. the course met my expectation

    2. Supply chain management


      It’s a good foundation course for beginners..i learnt a lot.

    3. Supply chain management


      The course is an eye opener, and useful in today’s supply chain operation.

    4. Enlightening


      The course was well executed. I now have a better understanding of supply chain management.



      This is a very interesting course, well detailed and structured. Supply Chain Management is a very important aspect of any business or company big or small.
      From My understanding, I can pick out the major points below as what supply chain management is and the role it plays in the life of every business and trade.
      They are listed as follows:
      1. Supply change management (SCM) is the management that links and create interactions
      within an organization, interdependent companies and small business entities comprising of
      suppliers of raw materials, procurement, manufacturing processes, logistics, advertisement,
      and other associated systems, that stimulates the onward and inverse flow of materials
      services, investments and information from the producer to final consumer, with the aim of
      adding value, increase profitability through efficient processes, Lowering Cost, Improve Performance and achieving customer’s satisfaction.

      2. SCM simply refers to the general process of procuring raw materials from the suppliers, process raw material into finished goods and ensure the goods get to the final consumers. For Instance: Suppliers provide raw materials to the factory store, the factory transforms the raw material into finish goods and then marketing and sales unit ensures the goods get to the final consumers. The middlemen wholesalers and retailers also play crucial roles in ensuring the goods get to the targeted consumers.

      3. It gives a clear definition of the terms in stages, Levels and supply Chain Flows, with their individual effects in Business. Such as : i. Product Flow, Information and Financial Flow, which are the key factors in Supply chain. Also it gives indebt Knowledge of Inventory which is a primary focus in Supply chain.

      4. Supply Chain Management basically has five basic components which
      include, Plan, Source, Make, Deliver and Return.
      A Plan: O rganizations must have an effective strategy on how to properly manage the scarce resources in order to accomplish customer’s loyalty, retention, and preference for their goods and services. The SCM is evolving a set of metrics to supervise the supply channels to deliver good quality services to their customers.
      B. Source: For a firm to be able to manufacture products, the firm needs to be very cautious when choosing suppliers. There is a need to develop a set of pricing and distribution system in the supply chain.
      C. Make: The manufacturing process should always have schedules of activities that are required for production, packaging, testing and delivery. It is the responsibility of the factory manager to oversee the entire processes involved.
      D. Deliver: This simply refers to logistics involve in the SCM. It is required that companies organize most efficiently the receipts of orders, efficient channels of distribution, and a network of warehouses developed.
      E. Return: An efficient channel of inverse flow of product with defect most be properly
      designed. The process should be flexible and responsible. Some this component is complicated but it can be managed if there is good communication between the producers and other members of the chain involved especially the customers.
      5. Tracking Monitoring and stock keeping are possible ways of getting suppliers and producers keep records of product for customer satisfaction and build the relationship for business sustainability.
      6. Because in all, Customers satisfaction is a consequence of supply chain management which reflect on the value of product delivery created by supply chain companies.
      7. Supply Chain effectively implemented in all transactions and dealings with all members of the supply chain network especially the customers, shows high level of responsibility, flexibility in Business operational at any stage of the transaction. All this is because what is perceived by the customer is more important than the members of the supply chain network.

      Thank You it was a very good opportunity to know all these factors in business and a good advancement in my career.

    6. Supply chain management.


      Great course with amazing contents.

    7. Supply Chain Management


      Great course, very detailed and easy to understand. I highly recommend.

    8. Supply Chain Management


      I had a great time studying. It was fun and very informative.

    9. Supply chain management


      I had a rewarding time doing this course.

    10. Supply Chain Management


      Supply Chain Management has helped me to understand how to improve performance, Lower cost, develop product and administer good customer service.

      I also acquired knowledge on the various level of the Supply chain management such as Strategic, Tactical and Operational level and as well as the product flow, information flow and finances flow, not letting behind the Inventory Management, supply chain groups, review tracking and monitoring methods.

      I would recommend this course to anyone who want to pursue a career in logistics and procurement management

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    • 180 Days

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