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The SAP Business One solution would cater for the end-to-end business operations and help with key business functions such as:

• Finance/Accounting
• Procurement
• Inventory Control
• Customer Relationship Management
• Reporting
• Human Resources Master Data
• MRP(Material Resource Planning) and Production

From financials to inventory and customer relationship management (CRM), all of your key business areas are integrated to provide clear visibility into your entire business. By capturing data into a single centralized location, you can access critical real-time information to make fast, informed decisions.

The SAP Business One software also boasts of the following;

  1. Powerful Reporting Tools and Analysis – Unique inquiry and reporting tools allow you to click on virtually any item in a report to see all the relevant details. The software’s reporting functionality uses a standard Microsoft Excel interface to simplify report creation.
  2. Drag&Relate Technology – Our patented Drag & Relate feature allows you to select a field of data with a mouse click, and then drag that field to virtually any menu item in the Drag&Relate tab to get an instant report that displays the relationship of the selected field to the menu item.


There has never been a better time to realize the benefits of SAP Business One than in the current economic situation that Nigeria has found itself. A world-class solution at the right price for your growing business, with the power to help you boost productivity, cut costs, seize opportunities and anticipate challenges as never before. Here are other business benefits;

  • Revenue Increase – Fast and easy access to real-time information anywhere in the system helps you identify new sales opportunities, bring new products to market quickly and provide business-building levels of customer support and service.
  • Cost Reduction – Say goodbye to costly multiple upgrades and recurring customization efforts to maintain system compatibility when you add new functions.
  • Integrated Business Solution – SAP Business One includes the following integral components: accounting, customer relationship management, sales, manufacturing, purchasing, banking and stock control.
  • Better Customer Relationships – Integral customer relationship management arms your team with relevant company wide data for stronger sales, service and support.
  • Reduced IT ownership costs – Why put up with solutions that you will soon outgrow? Slow software performance, outdated information, limits on data storage and confining limits on the number of simultaneous users and locations – that will all be a thing of the past.
  • Improved Efficiency – One centralized data repository dramatically boosts efficiency by providing the right information to the right people and eliminating redundant data entry.
  • Access to local support – A worldwide network of qualified business partners provides unsurpassed local support.
  • Get up and running fast – Take advantage of preconfigured business processes enabling easy implementation and get up and running in weeks.
  • Support Multicurrency Transactions – You can conduct and report business transactions in multiple currencies.
  • Integrate Microsoft Office – SAP Business One is fully integrated with the Microsoft Office suite of products, including Microsoft Outlook, enabling seamless communication that can span your organization and business functions.
  • Enhanced Decision Making – Business decisions are made faster as a result of the various functionalities of SAP Business One.
  • Unmatched Performance Gains – Many users can be logged on to SAP Business One at once, this software is not limited by the number of users on the system.

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