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Strategic Procurement And Vendor Management


    Strategic Procurement And Vendor Management

    Large number of organisations in-source and outsource key functions. The ultimate success is based on the quality of service provided and on the ability to continually improve vendor performance.

    This course has been designed to equip participants with the skills and techniques required to establish more successful commercial relationships with vendors who provide the products and services required to successfully deliver an organisation’s programs and projects.

    This course offers a systematic approach to the end-to-end processes of sourcing, selecting and managing vendors in programs and projects. It follows the best practices described in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide).



    • Overview of Procurement& Procurement Cycle
    o The Terminologies
    o The major virus of Procurement
    o Strategic fundamentals of a buyer
    o Critical Issues for Consideration in Developing Procurement Strategy
    • Types of Procurement Methods
    o CentralisedProcurement
    o DecentralisedProcurement
    o Whole Life Procurement (TCO)
    • The Procurement Management Procedure
    o Preparing terms-of-reference for contract of service
    o Project Appraisal and Analysis
    o Sourcing
    o Tendering and Bidding.
    o Implementing procurement management plan
    o Requirement to purchase
    o Plan the process
    o Prepare the documentation
    o Identify possible suppliers
    o Issue/Receive back the tender/quotation documentation
    o Evaluate the submissions
    o Negotiation -High value Negotiation planning
    o Award and place the contract
    o Delivery
    o Payment
    o Manage and monitor the contract
    o Review the process
    • Procurement Business Process Management
    o Procurement Management Planning
    o Strategic Alignment for the Procurement Manager.

    • Financial Skills for Procurement Executives
    o Capital Investment Appraisal
    o Budget forecasting
    o Budget development structuring
    o Procurement Master Budgeting
    o Procurement Financial Performance management
    o Final Investment Decision
    • Procurement Risk Management
    o Guidelines for procurement audit manual
    o Procurement Risk Auditing
    o Procurement Risk Prioritization and Categorization
    • Contract Management Skills for the Buyer
    o Types of contracts and implementation techniques
    o Contract strategies and techniques
    o Using the difference in real life situations.
    • Effective Negotiation in procurement
    • Procurement Performance Management
    • Supplier Development Programming
    • Vendor Administration
    • Strategic Supplier workshop development
    • International Sourcing and E-Procurement
    o Procurement Management technological development
    o Introduction to Electronic Procurements
    o Supplier Management Integration System

    • International Sourcing and E-Procurement
    • Procurement Stakeholders Management
    o Stakeholders Analysis
    o Stakeholders Planning
    o Stakeholders prioritization technique analysis
    • The Role of the Buyer in the Supply Chain
    o What exactly is the Supply Chain Management?
    o How the Supply Chain works
    o The logistics of procurement in the Chain
    o The buyer’s influence on the Supply Chain
    o Market research and supplier selection
    o Common mistakes in Procurement Management and solutions
    • Legal Issues
    o Terms-of-reference for contract of service
    o Effective Contract Management.

    • Key Performance Indicators
    o Guidelines for procurement audit manual
    o Optimize existing Procurement Models
    o Costing models -the Total Cost of Ownership
    o Contracting with reduced supplier base
    o Financial Skills for Procurement Executives
    • Formulas For Winning Highly Competitive Bids
    • Project Management & Procurement Analysis


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