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Process Safety Management – PSM

Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals. Its purpose is to prevent or minimize the consequences of releasing hazardous chemicals in a facility or the environment surrounding a facility. Hazardous chemicals are those that may be toxic, reactive, flammable, explosive, or a combination of these properties. Industries handling hazardous chemicals are required to develop an effective PSM program that protects employees, contractors, and visitors of the facility. These industries include: petrochemical, pharmaceutical, paints, adhesives and sealants, food processing, industrial organics and inorganics, and paper mills.

What you learn:

·         The Problem
·         How the Standard works
·         Process Safety information
·         Process Hazard analysis
·         Operating Procedures
·         Employee Participation
·         Training

  • Initial Training
  •  Refresher Training
  • Training Documentation

·         Contractors

  • Application
  • Employer Responsibilities
  • Contract Employer Responsibilities

·         Pre-Startup Safety Review
·         Mechanical integrity
·         Hot Work Permit
·         Management of Change
·         Incident Investigation
·         Emergency Planning and Response
·         Compliance Audits
·         Trade Secrets
·         Occupational Safety and Health Standards
·         Explosives and blasting agents


·         List of highly hazardous Chemicals
·         Toxics and Reactives (Mandatory)

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