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Online SAP Human Capital Management – HCM

SAP HCM is one of the most important processes in organizations across industries. The general idea of HR is only about recruitment. But HR is far more than just recruitment. In an organization, HR not only engages employees but separates employees based on a variety of factors such as department level, payment days, payment details, designations and more. In addition, other works such as promotions, employee engagement, and team motivation are supported by HR. This work may seem very simple; However, solving these problems for the people of an entire organization is not at all an easy job. To streamline all these HR processes, SAP ERP operations are widely used. SAP HCM ERP is one of the most flexible software for HR processes widely used in all industries.

SAP HCM Modules

Organizational management: This process defines an organized way of operating different people under a common platform to achieve a predefined goal. It provides intelligent time and resource management on the workstation.

Personal administration: This process defines the process by which the human resource of an organization is managed. Since the recruitment phase through pay, benefits, new employee orientation, performance evaluation and more, everything can be recorded and monitored as part of this process.

Electronic recruitment: This process is an automated web-based recruitment process that helps HR professionals to recruit appropriate talent. It opens up innovative methods of recruitment processes within an organization.

Time management: This process helps one in the processes of planning, recording and evaluating the performance of the employee for a certain period of time. The impact of the presence and absence of the employee in the organization is evaluated in this process. Also, presence management, salary calculation, connection, and disconnect report, etc., are included in this process.

Payroll: This process as the term defines is based on the scale of compensation and compensations granted to employees. From salary to overtime, compensatory pay and the compensation program, everything is calculated in this process.

ESS and MSS: Employee Self-Service helps employees to individually track different data of their mandate within an organization. On the other hand, Self-Service Management is a vital process for managers to create and maintain employee data.

Reports: Finally, the reports enable the HR team to provide complete and up-to-date information for all its employees. The reporting tool also allows you to follow the hierarchical structure followed in an organization. These are the SAP HCM modules that allow the HR team to work effectively to manage employee profiles and data within an organization.

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