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Best IELTS Preparation Course In Nigeria and Ghana

It’s no longer news that a lot of people are leaving Nigeria and Ghana to look for greener pastures in foreign countries. So, if you are one of those who are working on jumping on the “Japa” trend and your preferred country requires taking the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test, then you need to prepare well for it to enable you to have a better chance of gaining entry into the country. 

Aside from being used as an English proficiency test for migration into an English-speaking country, it is also used by several schools and organizations to test if an individual is qualified for admission or a career boost. That is why we at Clarion College are dedicated to equipping you with all the knowledge you need to ace the test process in your first sitting and achieve your goal of moving out of the country. 

For clarity, let us, first of all, look at what IELTS is and answer all the questions you might have about how to properly prepare for it. 


What is IELTS?

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test is an English language proficiency test taken to determine how good you are at speaking, writing, reading, and hearing the language while processing your immigration request. 

This test is renowned and has been used for more than 3 decades by numerous Governments including The United States Of America, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and several others. It is also used by more than 10,000 organizations and schools all over the world to test how good a candidate is at English Language while considering them for a promotion or admission. 

Now that we have looked at what this test is, let us look at how to properly study for it and pass it on on your first attempt. 


How Can I Study For IELTS In Nigeria and Ghana?

  • Enrol For A Preparation Course: The first step to probably study for IELTS in Nigeria and Ghana is to enroll for a preparation course with a reputable training provider like Clarion College.

Before you choose a training provider, ensure you do proper research and confirm that the one you will opt for has a course duration and schedule flexibility that fits your plans. Make sure that there are also experienced and capable instructors. If possible, you can check the reviews on their website to see what their previous students are saying about their training services.

Although it is possible to study on your own for the test, there are several benefits that you can gain by enrolling in a preparation course instead. 

First, a preparation course follows a structured and updated curriculum that comprehensively covers all the topics and sections of the IELTS exam, so by undergoing it, you will receive the right instructions on how to go about learning and practicing the Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking sections which are the core of the IELTS exam. 

Plus, by undergoing this course, you will be under the tutelage of experienced instructors who specialize in IELTS preparation and who will hold your hand and lead you to the path of success in the exam. These instructors possess in-depth knowledge about the format of the exam, the scoring criteria, and effective strategies on how to ace the exam, so with their guidance, you won’t have to go through the stress of figuring this all by yourself. You will also be able to ask them questions when you are unclear and get personalized answers and in the process, tap from their well of knowledge. 

That’s not all, another thing you will enjoy through this course is access to practice tests, and mock exams that will sharpen your skills in taking the exams, and also build your confidence and make you more familiar with the exam format over time. With these practice tests and exams, you will be able to identify the areas you need to improve on and work on them. You can also use them to track your learning progress over time. 

  • Study Official Materials: While undergoing a preparation course, make sure you also study official IELTS preparation materials, such as the IELTS Official Practice Materials and Cambridge IELTS books so that you can gain valuable insights into the format of the test through the original practice tests. 
  • Keep Practicing: Make sure you keep studying the necessary materials, and course until you get a proper understanding of the test format and build up your confidence in taking the exam. 

Work on improving your listening skills by listening to audio materials, improving your reading ability by reading diverse materials, and improving your writing by writing different pieces on various topics.  

  • Create a Study Schedule and Set Clear Goals: In order to make the work easy and more defined for you, create a study schedule and allocate certain parts of each day to practicing and developing different skills. 

While doing so, make sure you set clear and achievable goals and endeavor that the schedule fits into your lifestyle and accommodates other commitments in your life. Give spaces for breaks as well, because all studying with no breaks won’t do you any good. 


How Much Is IELTS Training In Nigeria?

The cost of IELTS Training programs in Nigeria ranges from N50,000 to N150,000 depending on factors such as the training center, the duration of the training, and the type of training being offered. At Clarion College, we offer exceptional tutoring services for the Test of English Teaching Classes at an affordable price of ₦70,000, which includes access to course materials, practice tests, and personalized guidance. 


Which Institute Is Best For IELTS?

The best training institute where you can undergo IELTS preparation courses in Nigeria and Ghana is Clarion College. At Clarion College, we have a team of experienced and capable educators who provide high-quality language education using diverse top-notch courses that empower our students to achieve their academic, immigration, and professional aspirations, depending on their needs. 

We have a very good and proven track record of helping our students gain success in English proficiency exams like the IELTS test on their first sitting. So, if you wish to hit the required band score in your IELTS test on your first trial, Clarion College is the best place for you.  Click HERE to register for our course now. 


Why You Should Enroll For Clarion College IELTS Preparation Course  

By enrolling for Clarion College’s IELTS Preparation Course, you will enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Enhanced language skills which will assure you of improved scores in the IELTS proficiency exam.
  • An Interactive and dynamic learning environment, promoting active participation.
  • Personalized attention and feedback from experienced instructors.
  • An opportunity to build cultural awareness and global communication competence.


Course Outline For Clarion College IELTS Preparation Program

Our Test of English Teaching Classes will encompass the following key areas:

  1. Grammar and Vocabulary: Enhancing language structure and word usage.
  1. Reading Comprehension: Developing strategies to understand and analyze written passages.
  1. Listening Skills: Practicing comprehension of spoken English in various contexts.
  1. Speaking Proficiency: Improving fluency, pronunciation, and coherent communication.
  1. Writing Skills: Mastering the art of structuring essays and expressing ideas effectively.


What Are The Requirements For Enrolling For the IELTS Preparation Exam In Nigeria and Ghana?

To register for any of the exams, you must have a valid international passport. You should also have a basic understanding of the English language to fully benefit from the course.


How Long Does It Take To Get IELTS Training In Nigeria and Ghana?

The Test of English Teaching Classes will span 4 weeks, with engaging 4-hour sessions held twice a week. This comprehensive approach ensures thorough coverage of all aspects of English language proficiency.


Which IELTS Certificate Is Best?

The best IELTS certificate depends on what you want to use it for. There are two different IELTS certificates that serve varying purposes: The Academic and General Training IELTS test. 

The Academic IELTS test is mainly for application for admission into universities and colleges in English-speaking countries. This test evaluates how good you are in English language and if you are knowledgeable enough in the language to study in an environment where it is the official and general lingua franca. 

Meanwhile, the General Training IELTS test is taken for application for migration into English-speaking countries for non-academic purposes. So, if you want to move to a foreign country for work, and other purposes that aren’t school-related, this is the best IELTS test for you.


Where Is IELTS Written In Nigeria?

You can write computer-delivered IELTS tests in our centers in Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, and Port Harcourt. If you are in Ghana, you can take the tests at our center in Accra. 

Here are the addresses and contacts you can reach out to in these respective venues: 


Is IELTS Offline or Online?


The IELTS test is available both online and offline. You can either take the test online on a computer or take it offline on paper form, the choice is yours. Evaluate both forms and choose the one that works best for you. 


What Is IELTS Exam Fees?

The registration fee for IELTS Academic & General Training (on Computer) is ₦139,000.

The registration fee for IELTS Academic & General Training (on Paper) is ₦134,000.

The registration fee for IELTS UKVI Academic and General Training is ₦149,000.


How Many Hours Does the IELTS Test Take?

The IELTS Test lasts for a period of 2 hours and 45 minutes, and this applies to both types of tests. This time is divided into the four different sections of the test.

The Reading and Writing Sections take 60 minutes (an hour) each, the Listening sections take 30 minutes, and the Speaking section of the test takes between 10 to 15 minutes. 

In some cases, the Speaking part of the test is carried out on the same day as the other cases but in some cases, it is conducted 7 days before or after the other tests. When it is done is determined by the test center so they vary from one center to another. 


What Happens If You Fail The IELTS Exam?

If you fail the IELTS test, you can take it again. In fact, you can take it as many times as possible, till you get the score that is required. The bad news is, that you need to pay again whenever you take the exam, and failing will further delay whatever you want to use the exam for. That is why at Clarion College, we ensure that our students reach the required score in their first sitting so that they won’t have to worry about retaking it.


How Long Does It Take To Get IELTS Results?

If you take the computer-based IELTS exam test, you can get your results in 2 to 5 days but if you take the test offline on paper, you can get the result in 2 weeks.


Does IELTS Expire?

Yes, the IELTS results expire after two (2) years but if you are using the result to apply for Skilled Migration then you can use it for up to three (3) years. After that timeframe, you need to retake the test before you can apply for any form of migration or admission. Going ahead with submitting an expired test will lead to your application being rejected.  



At Clarion College, our goal is to provide you with a top-notch English language education that will empower you to achieve your academic, professional, and migration aspirations, so REGISTER WITH US today and let us help you bring your dreams of moving out of the country and boosting your career to life.

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