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Strategic Human Resource Management


Strategic Human Resource Management

The Strategic Human Resource Management course will give managers the basic tools to handle numerous human resource situations such as interviewing, orientation, safety, harassment, discrimination, violence, discipline, and termination. It will provide your participants those skills and assist them with certain Human Resource situations

This course is designed for professionals who are involved in HR operations such as recruiting, compensation and administration. The credential demonstrates mastery of generally accepted technical and operational HR principles. Acquisition of this certification gives HR professionals an ultimate edge over their CO-HR practitioners. This credential improves the credibility of HR professionals

What you will get:

Training Aligned with the HRCI Methodology

Professional Certificate in Advanced Strategic Human Resource Management

Option of International Professional Certification in Human Resources (PHRi or SPHRi)

Internship and Employment Support

Who should Take course?

Job Seeker

  • It gives you a competitive advantage over others
  • It increases your earning potentials
  • It makes you eligible for employment in any sector
  • You can kick start a career in Human Resources

Working Professional

  • It gives you a platform to easily switch jobs or industries
  • It equips HR professionals with functional skills
  • HR professionals are highly respected
  • It increases your earning potential

Business Owner

  • It gives you skills to identify talents
  • How to manage salaries, compensation and perks
  • How to appraise team performance
  • How to motivate and get your team committed


  • Learning Objectives

  • What is human resources today?
  • Key factors influencing human resource management
  • Growth in human resource management
  • Case Study

  • The job selection process
  • Get good at interviewing
  • Interviewing fairly
  • The best way to interview
  • Case Study

  • Getting off on the right track
  • Creating an engaging program
  • Using an orientation checklist
  • Case Study

  • Checking in
  • Following up
  • Designing the follow-up schedule
  • Case Study

  • Understanding your roles and responsibilities
  • Understanding local and industry specific rules
  • Training for managers
  • Case Study

  • Definitions
  • Cost to the organization
  • The Manager’s role
  • An employer’s responsibility
  • Case Study

  • Wellness Behaviors
  • Wellness trends
  • The case of wellness
  • Case Study

  • Feedback model
  • The feedback Sandwich
  • Encouraging growth and development
  • Case Study

  • The general discipline process
  • The progressive discipline process
  • Having discipline meetings
  • Following up
  • Case Study

  • Documenting events
  • Making the decision
  • Communicating the decision
  • Case Study

  • Course Curriculum

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    1. Strategic Human Resource Management


      I honestly enjoyed the course and will recommend this training to friends.

    2. SHRM


      I enjoyed the course, it was very informative and I’d recommend it to anyone that wants to have a feel of what HR is.



      This course is one-in-all.
      I can now say i’m well equipped to slide into the field of Human Resource Management without internal doubts.
      All i need now is platforms to gather some experience.
      Hakuna matata!!!

    4. SHRM


      The course was interesting.

    5. SHRM - Recommended!


      Rather practical and straightforward, I enjoyed the course despite being an HR practitioner for several years. I learnt some unknown tips which can be immediately implemented moreover, so I recommend!

    6. Excellent course


      I enjoyed the course, it was very informative and I’d recommend it to anyone that wants to start a career in HR field.

    7. Strategic Human Resources


      I really enjoyed the course, it is a very interesting one which I can recommend to friends. It has exposed me positively and also given me the needed experiences required to be an effective HR

    8. Strategic human resource management


      Undertaking this course has been a great privilege , coupled with the fact that Clarionttech offered the course at a very affordable rate.. I’m so enlightened now. Thank you. If you haven’t taken this course yet you are missing.

    9. Strategic Human Resource Management


      Very Educating. It highlighted the core roles of HR in an organization.

    10. Superb


      Can’t say less, but I’m glad I took part in this course, well detailed, more knowledge and a collection to my CV

    11. Great


      The role of a manager goes beyond sales, but includes human resource management. The course was well delivered. A good guide to every sales manager, geared towards better productivity.

    12. My experience


      It was quit educative, I’ve learnt a lot in just this one module

    13. Strategic Human Resources Management


      Course was very educative and precise.

      The quiz also helped for better understanding. I also like the fact that one can retake the quiz of failed and also, you can view areas where answers are not correct.

      Thank you for the opportunity.

    14. Excellent


      It was an amazing experience. I will definitely register for more courses. I love the delivery. It was worth it.

    15. Best


      You made learning easy with the best use of words, self explanatory and indeed an eye opener….
      Kudos Clariontech, best platform to learn and re-learn

    16. Strategic human resources


      Waw,is been a thrilling and educative experience undergoing the training,I have learnt so much that I can’t wait to get started already.



      It is like 1 +1.

      Every module well understood.
      I am ready to put what I have learnt in the course to great use.

      Then again, I now understand human resources management well since I have 2 years experience in HR.

      I am grateful for this.
      Thank you.



      I enjoyed every bit of this course and I am ready to start off a career in Strategic human resources Management which I already have a 2yr experience in Recruitmemt and Selection.

    19. Strategic HRM Course


      It was a very educative, clear and precise.
      I learnt a lot.



      The course is very enlightening, and really expository

    21. Muraina Bukola's review on SHRM.


      My name is Muraina Bukola. I found the SHRM course very easy to understand and i will recommend it to any individual who wants to know more or understand Human Resources.

    22. 4

      Easy to learn. Broadened my knowledge of human relationships and interactions especially in the work environment

    23. 4

      very interesting course and very well explained

    24. Wonderful


      I had a great time learning. It was very concise and straight to the point.

    25. 4

      The course is really educating. It would be nicer if the website was more stable.

    26. Strategic Human Resources Management


      I really enjoy the course, no jokes, it was super explicit and easy to understand. Looking forward to completing other courses and taking more.
      Great Job

    27. Strategic Human Resource Management.


      A splendid and informative time studying this course.

    28. Growth in Human Resources


      Looking forward to more
      Thank you 🙏🏾

    29. Review on training for Strategic Human Resource Management


      The training was very detail and well documented. It really gave out all the knowledge one need to pursue career in Human resource area.

      It’s just excellent

    30. Strategic Human Resources


      it as a nice course and i have learned from it

    31. Human resource management


      This course was really challenging but I love it all the same and I recommend it for all. And to the management of clarionttech you guys rok



      I want to Thank Clarionttech for opening my eyes to what I do not know before. The Course is very good to those who want to move to the next level.

    33. Strategic Human Resources Management


      The course was quite understandable, and covered all the basics. However, I think it could have delved a bit deeper into some of the topics instead of just giving introductions, or given pointers on possible sources of materials for further reading.

      Generally, it was a good read.

    34. 5

      An interesting learning experience

    35. Strategic Human Management


      I have been well enriched and equipped with strategies that would help me become a better Human Resources.

    36. Peace Ifeoluwa Akintola


      This course was educative and I gained more insights on the knowledge of Human Resources Management. I will definitely recommend. Thank you Clarionttech.

    37. Best Course for Beginners.


      This course is the best for those who wish to start career on Human Resources Management.

    38. the best moment for me


      this is the best training i have had in a long time and i was enjoying every module of the strategic human resource management programme.

    39. Impressive


      Course was not too bulky, yet quite educative for a beginner who’s looking to advance their career in HR. Way to go!

    40. Strategic Human Resource Management


      Really easy to understand and gives a breakdown to what you need to know about human resources, highly recommend if you need a good introduction to human resources.