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Incivility is characterized by a seemingly funny sarcastic comment, an inappropriate joke, or an insulting remark. It’s embarrassing a colleague during a meeting, condescendingly addressing another employee, or treating any person with disrespect.

This Civility Training is a program through which employees learn how to identify uncivil behavior in the workplace, create, model, and enforce a new standard of behavior, and ultimately promote respect and dignity among their employees.

When the foundation of a corporate culture is deeply rooted in civility, it builds a more positive, inclusive, and productive climate.

Benefit of this course

Civility in the workplace will boost morale and teamwork, enhance employee performance and satisfaction, reduce employee turnover and even the number of sick days.

A more positive environment will improve communication and interaction, allow for more innovation, and reduce stress. At the end of the day, all of these factors will ultimately impact the company’s bottom line.

Who should attend?

This course is for every professional in the work place



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