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Caregiver Certification Training Program In Ghana

If you are in Ghana and you have a passion for caregiving and looking to make a career out of it or you are a caregiver and you wish to improve your knowledge and skills in the field, this is the best time to enroll for a training program with Clarion College and obtain a caregiving certification. Let me you why.

According to surveys done by Ghana Statistical Service (GSS),

and the Population Reference Bureau, there has been an increase in the proportion of older citizens in Ghana (from the age 65 and above) between 1960 and 2021 and the percent is expected to go up as time goes on. Due to the limitations in how people in that age bracket function, they will need a caregiver to look after them and help them carry out certain activities.

In addition to this, a recent survey carried out by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment opportunities in caregiving is expected to increase by a remarkable 25% between 2021 and 2031, making it one of the most in-demand professions. 

However, the increase in the demand for caregivers has also led to an increase in interest in the profession and this will cause massive competition for jobs and that is where a caregiving certification comes in.

A caregiver certification is a credential that can help stand out in the midst of several other caregivers who are also looking to be hired. It serves as proof from a recognized body that you are a qualified caregiver and you have the required skills and experience needed to take proper and professional care of a patient. And since homes, private organizations and companies will rather employ someone who is experienced in the field, you will stand a better chance of getting hired than those who are non-certified when you both apply for jobs.  

So, without further ado, let’s look at how to become a caregiver in Ghana. 

How To Become A Caregiver In Ghana

  • Choose Your Preferred Certification and Ensure You Meet The Eligibility Criteria: There are several caregiving certifications available, so check them out and pick the one that you meet its eligibility criteria and best suits you. 

We will be discussing different caregiving certifications and their eligibility requirements as this article progresses so keep reading. 

  • Select and Undergo an Accredited Training Program: After you have chosen a particular caregiving certification, the next step you need to take is to choose a reputable and accredited caregiver training provider like Clarion College and enroll in their training program where you will be taught all you need to know about taking proper and professional care to patients, and how to pass the certification exam on your first try.  

After you have enrolled in the caregiver training program, you need to pay proper attention to all that will be taught and dedicate your time to acquire the knowledge and skills essential for caregiving roles and complete all the required coursework. 

During the training program, make sure you also gain practical, hands-on experience on how to carry out caregiving activities. Don’t just learn on paper, put it into practice as well. 

  • Submit Application and Pass the Certification Exam: After you have successfully completed the training program and are convinced that you have learned properly, you can then submit an application for caregiver certification and sit for the certification exam.

When you have met all the requirements and successfully passed the exam, you’ll be awarded a  caregiver certification which will serve as proof that you are good enough to provide quality care for those who need it. 

That’s not all, after obtaining certain caregiving certifications, you will need to keep renewing them after a specific period of time to maintain their validity which will require you to continue attending training programs that will keep you up-to-date with the latest practices, and regulations in the field.  

Available Caregiver Certifications 

The caregiving certifications we offer are the Healthcare Assistant – Caregiving certification and the Diploma in Healthcare Assistant – Caregiving certification. 

Let’s look at them individually.  


There are no prerequisites to obtaining the certification so if you don’t meet the prerequisites of other caregiving certifications or don’t want to worry about that, you can opt for this certification.

This training course is delivered in two ways: the Instructor-Led In-Person Classroom (Weekday or Weekend option) and the Instructor Led Virtual Online (Weekday or Weekend Option) style, so you can choose the one that works best for you.

However, classes are usually hybrid so whether online or in-person each session is recorded while the class is ongoing. When each class is completed, the video of the recorded session is immediately sent to all participants so that if you miss any session, you can retake the class at your own pace.

You can take this caregiving certification course if you are a new or aspiring caregiver, a private or family caregiver, an experienced caregiver who wants to enhance your resume with added certification and further explore the subject of caregiving, you are looking to satisfy an insurance requirement, or you are interested in starting their own caregiver service business.



Unlike the Healthcare Assistant – Caregiving Certification training course, this course has prerequisites you need to meet before you undergo it. 

To undergo this training, you must have a minimum of a Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE) or an Academic qualification of any discipline (Technical, Business, Art, Commercial, Engineering or Science). You must also be 18 years and above.

The delivery of the training course is the same as that of the HCA caregiving course. You can either go for the Instructor-Led In-Person Classroom (Weekday or Weekend Option) format or the Instructor Led Virtual Online (Weekday or Weekend Option) format. 

You can also take this caregiving certification course if you are a new or aspiring caregiver, a private or family caregiver, an experienced caregiver who wants to enhance your resume with added certification and further explore the subject of caregiving, you are looking to satisfy an insurance requirement, or you are interested in starting their own caregiver service business.

Here are the things you will enjoy when you register for this training course:


The training course contains Training, Practical,  Internship, and UK CPD Accredited Diploma in HealthCare Certificate, and hence costs more than the Healthcare Assistant – Caregiving Certification training course. The fee for this course is GHS 4,000. 

You can take the exam once you are done with the training course or any other day of your choice. There is no fixed date that you should take the exam. 

But no matter when you choose to take it, know that once you are a student of our academy, we guarantee you 100% exam success in only one sitting.



-Residents Rights and Communication
– Managing Personal Stress, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation Prevention
– Controlling the Spread of Disease and Infection
– Record Keeping and Documentation
– Nutrition, Hydration and Food Services
– Assisting in the Self-Administration of Medications
– Social, Recreational and Rehabilitative Activities
– Fire, Safety and Emergency Procedures
– The Aging Process
– Assisting Residents with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)
– Vital Signs
– Medication Types
– Oral Hygiene, Grooming & Bathing
– Skin Integrity
– Resident with Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease
– Communicating with Residents Unable to Direct Self-Care
– Providing Services and Life Skills
– Managing Difficult Behavior-Residents Unable to Direct Self-Care
– Developing & Providing Social, Recreational & Rehabilitative Activities for Residents Unable to Direct Self-Care
– Risk Management, Fall Prevention and Ambulation


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Frequently Asked Questions about Caregiver Training

Where Can I Be Trained As A Caregiver In Ghana?

The best place to get caregiver training and certification in Accra, Ghana is Clarion College.

At Clarion College, we have qualified and experienced industry expert trainers who will give you comprehensive caregiving training, coupled with hands-on practical activities that will help you get a better understanding of all they will teach you. 

We also offer internships and issue a globally recognized international caregiving certificate when you are done with the course, which you can use to work in not just Ghana but in different countries around the world. 

Our office is located at No 25 Jungle Road, East Legon, Accra, Ghana.
 For enquiry, you can call: 0209755435

How Much Is A Caregiver Course In Ghana?

The cost of a caregiver course in Ghana depends on the type of certification that you want to obtain, the certification level, the training provider you enroll with, and the location. At Clarion College, we offer the best caregiving courses at the most affordable rates in town. 

How Long Is the Caregiver Course In Ghana?

There is no fixed duration that all caregiving courses should last for. The duration of a caregiver course depends on the training provider you enroll with, the type of certification that you want to obtain, whether you learn in-person or online, amongst other factors. Some can last for days, weeks, or months. However, the average timeframe for a caregiving course is between 3 to 6 months. 

The Benefits of Being A Certified Caregiver 

The first benefit of being a certified caregiver is that you get equipped with proper caregiving skills and knowledge which will help you to provide care to those who need it. Skills such as risk management, cleaning,  proper communication, preparation of meals, administration of medication, and many others are taught during the training course and with this knowledge, you can serve those whom you care for much better.

Next, getting a caregiver certification boosts your career opportunities and makes you more likely to be hired when you apply for jobs. Caregivers are currently highly in demand and with more caregiving jobs likely to be available over the next 10 years, so being a certified caregiver will give you a wide range of roles and industries to choose from and work in, anywhere in the world. If you are already working, it will enable you to enhance your career, take on higher positions, and give you job security despite the increase in caregivers.

Plus, it will increase your earning potential. As a certified caregiver, you are likely to earn more than those who are non-certified. 

Finally, being a certified caregiver and providing proper care to the elderly will give you a sense of purpose and will help you make a positive impact in people’s lives, which gives you a fulfillment that surpasses the financial benefit attached to the role. 

Career Opportunities For A Certified Caregiver 

As a certified caregiver, here are career opportunities you can be open to: 

  • Home Healthcare Aide
  • Private Caregiver
  • Direct Support Professional (DSP)
  • Caregiving Trainer and Mentor.
  • Caregiver at assisted living facilities
  • Hospice Caregiver
  • Caregiving at Medical Institutions such as hospitals, clinics, or rehabilitation centers
  • Specialized care roles
  • Care coordination and case management roles
  • Starting your own caregiving agency

How Much Do Caregivers Earn In Ghana?

According to World Salaries, a private caregiver in Ghana earns between 28,000 GHS to 79,600 GHS per year, which makes the average yearly earning 51,000 GHS. 


There is currently a high demand for caregivers in not just Ghana but the World at large, and according to reports, the demand will increase as each day passes, so if you are in the caregiving field or looking to go into it, the best time to get a caregiver certification is NOW. 

With the Clarion College training course, you can be able to achieve that with ease. We have all put together the best curriculum and trainers that will make you one of the best and most capable caregivers in the city.

So, click HERE, register for our training course and you will never regret doing so. 

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