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Anger Management

Feeling Angry is a complete normal human emotion.  But when if it gets out of control and turns destructive, it can lead to problems; at work, in your relationships, and in the overall quality of life.

The Anger Management training course materials have been developed to help you understand and identify anger. You will learn the psychology of anger and explore and understand yours. You will also learn tools and techniques to safely manage stress levels and avoid triggers that can cause feelings of anger.

The training course is aimed at anyone that wants to understand anger in more detail and learn to control their emotions and those of people around them.


Why is running this anger management course a good idea?

Just imagine if your participants were better able to:

Understand the psychology of anger, how it is triggered and what to do to avoid it.

Manage anger when confronted with emotional situations.

Improve communication in challenging conversations by remaining calm.

Ensure workplace relationships are positive and constructive.

Remove negativity and focus on positive outcomes.

Use relaxation techniques to reduce stress.

Ultimately these training course materials allow you to provide your participants with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage anger and the resulting stress.


Upon Course completion, you will be able to:

Understand the physiology of anger and identify triggers

Use cognitive restructuring and self-talk to help manage anger

Develop better lifestyle choices

Practice relaxation techniques

Complete a thought record


Who should Take course?

This course is for everybody in the work place



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