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Corporate Subject Area: Advanced Sales Skills




This 1- week course gives participants a 360 view of better selling. Participants will learn proven processes to grow their businesses, carve out market position and grow industry market share. In this course delegates will learn how effective leadership, management and empowerment of a sales team can help an organisation to surpass targets and meet its vision. This course will also refresh and develop key sales development skills. A key aspect of sales strategy is to strengthen the loyalty between key accounts and leverage relationships to create sales funnels, cross sell and up sell. By reviewing key accounts and dealing with challenges, different gatekeepers and stakeholders, course participants will find fresh strategies to create new streams of revenue and additional business opportunities. Delegates will also discover ways to use influence, and develop roadmaps and a strategic direction for growing sales and excelling targets.



  • Sales Executives
  • Sales Managers, Operations Managers and Account Managers
  • Sales Directors/ Operational Directors
  • Managers/Directors moving more into a strategic business development role



  • To refresh and develop key sales development skills
  • To improve sales management methods and empower your team to succeed
  • To drive sales performance, optimise the sales funnel and improve sales performance results
  • To create and give excellent Sales Presentations and Pitches
  • To develop and manage a Strategic Key Account and strengthen loyalty
  • To explore buyer motivation and sales psychology and its link to market positioning
  • To overcome objections through good problem solving and winning skeptical buyers on your organisations side
  • To improve your communication and influence
  • To move towards a ‘consultative solution focused selling’
  • To build more profound and lasting relationship with clients and developing a key account focus
  • To identify the root cause of your client’s issues and offer the best solutions/ services.
  • To excel customer relationship management
  • To create a personal development plan with strategic coaching provided throughout the course through practical exercises



  • Through interactive learning delegates will explore the factors that make excellent sales people
  • How to raise personal standards in order to encourage profitability
  • Do you use a ‘hunter’ or a ‘farmer’ selling style?
  • The background of selling and defining your role as part of the organisation’s mission
  • How to use persuasion without crossing boundaries

  • Account analysis, planning and time management
  • How to plan your territory more productively
  • Prioritising prospects well to ensure more consistent sales conversion ratio
  • Meeting and diary management and increasing opportunities for new business
  • Strategies for hitting and surpassing your targets
  • Researching into client, the global, market and customer spheres
  • Identify key trends in the marketplace

  • Tuning in to your client’s mindset and building trust
  • Generate influence through matching body language and increased personal credibility
  • Apply the ‘Aristotle Principle of Persuasion’
  • Becoming a positive reference top your client and building more loyalty and sales compared to your competitors
  • Becoming a better communicator using positive unconditional regard (Rogers and Carnegie)
  • Personal psychometric profiling

  • How to deal with client objections and still get the sale
  • 7 steps to maintain calm in adverse selling situations
  • How to use objections as a basis to develop the sale into a mutual beneficial outcome
  • Maintaining professionalism during the sales process to create a long term focus while gaining short and mid-term wins
  • Dealing with client excuses of not buying and delaying strategies

  • 10 closing styles to suit your personality and clients buying style
  • Overcoming any fear or asking for the business
  • Dealing with delayed sales proposals
  • Practical exercises to practice getting the sale with confidence
  • Creating a clear vision for yourself using positive psychology

  • How to be more effective and charismatic during sales presentations
  • How to deal with presentation challenges for individual client meetings vs selling to a procurement team
  • How to bring separate viewpoints together to still leave with a sale
  • The elevator pitch
  • How to present more confidently and describe your products and services using customers needs
  • Moving from transactional selling to consultative selling
  • Practical exercises and coaching to help you grow and improve

  • Become an a trusted advisor to your client
  • Using advanced influencing skills to connect to your client and get them to reveal more
  • Selling across different cultures, code and practices
  • Understanding your personal brand in sales
  • Mastering emotional intelligence and positive psychology
  • Explore psychometric profiling of yourself and clients
  • Making a plan to increase loyalty and pin that to profitability
  • Feedback of individual strategy assignment

  • Problem clients and handling the effects of their action/inaction
  • 5 different types of difficult buyers
  • 5 things you must never do while handling a customer objection
  • Winning back lost business and raising the stakes
  • Using refined communication strategies of world’s leading business coaches and entrepreneurs to deal with any problem
  • Buyer’s expectations of suppliers

  • Motivating yourself and your team to be results focused
  • Dealing with ‘C Level’ selling – selling to the board
  • Getting ‘buy in’ for internal stakeholders to improve strategy
  • Increase conversion ratios and customer feedback ratings
  • Create a success roadmap
  • Develop your own personal development plan for post course success


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