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Corporate Subject Area: Advanced Strategic Human Resources Management




  • Senior Directors and Senior Managers who have responsibility for Human Resource (HR) strategy incorporating Organisational Development (OD) and Learning, Training and Development (LTD) and the implementation of these policies and procedures in line with business objectives
  • Senior Directors and Senior Managers who wish to refresh or develop their skills further
  • Operational managers who wish to gain a greater understanding of the strategic HR, OD and people management and development issues
  • Senior Managers who would like a refresher and to develop their confidence, assertiveness and influencing skills
  • Departmental Directors and Departmental Managers who would like practical and relevant techniques



  • To develop and lead effective HR and Organisational Development strategies and create a Learning, Training and Development (LTD) culture
  • To explore a range of HR specialisms including development, performance management and effective recruitment strategy
  • To plan and manage an LTD needs analysis
  • To identify and manage talent and support employees plan their careers
  • To increase the impact of verbal communication in multiple and complex situations
  • To increase confidence, assertiveness skills and the ability to influence people positively
  • To apply NLP and Emotional Intelligence to self-development
  • To maximise the Return on Investment (ROI)




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