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The mission of IIBA is to develop and promote the business analysis profession. We want to help business analyst like you obtain a higher level of knowledge, advance your skills and provide added value to your everyday work.

This will create greater awareness and recognition for the profession and the value that business analyst bring to their role ion organization of all sizes and across a broad range of industries.

To accomplish this, IIBA offers a variety of opportunity for further education, networking and the exchange of ideas.  we can help you walk the walk i order to meet future job demands and industry best practice. By offering the industry best practice and most comprehensive business analysis training and related courses. we will ensure you and your organization receive the full benefits of business analysis certification and credentials including:

  • Demonstration of professional level of business analysis capabilities in principle and practice.
  • Recognition of professional competence by professional peers and management.
  • Increased confidence by employees when hiring a business analyst.


What is the difference between various the IIBA  Credentials?

To meet the growing demands of the global markets in the field of business analysis, IIBA has launched a new global certification. The three exam- based ones emphasize different things. The CBAP exam has many case study and scenario based questions that require candidates to apply their knowledge of BABOK. CCBA exam contains some scenarios, and more knowledge and recall oriented questions about task and techniques in the BABOK. The ECBA exam is strictly knowledge and recall based. The CBATL does not have an exam and no details have been released, as of the time when this was published. we have created several new scenario and case study questions and exams to help candidates prepare for these, in addition to the knowledge based questions. Our recall type questions and explanations help candidates understand the BABOK so they can apply that knowledge to answering the more difficult scenario questions

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