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Corporate Subject Area: Advanced Strategic Management




Today’s successful senior manager is expected to create, manage and implement strategy effectively and efficiently to achieve an organisation’s vision. Advanced Strategic Management training course utilises the know-how of Board Level, Departmental and Senior Managers to build on their experience and develop their talents and skills to achieve this objective. The detailed one week schedule includes strategic planning and its tools, implementing a strategy, budgeting and costing, developing effective systems and processes, managing people, managing change and managing risk. The wide-range of teaching styles of this dynamic, interactive training, uses up-to-date approaches, methods and techniques. This ensures the delegates learn in a way which is adapted to individual learning styles and requirements. Delegates work on and develop their personal learning outcomes throughout the training and understand how to apply practical lessons they have learned, as soon as they return to their organisations.



  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Directors
  • Company Secretaries
  • Presidential advisors
  • Ministerial advisers
  • Board Advisers
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Board Members
  • Heads of Department
  • Directors of Human Resources
  • Directors of Business Development
  • Strategic Advisors
  • Senior Managers
  • Project Directors



  • To create strategies which will enable an organisation to achieve its vision, goals and objectives
  • To develop supporting systems and structures to underpin and ensure the success of all strategies
  • To have relevant measures of progress to enable action to be taken to overcome any challenges to the implementation of the strategies
  • To know how to generate commitment from all stakeholders to increase strength of support for the successful implementation of the strategic plan
  • To identify and use the key approaches and methods of communication to ensure transparency and openness
  • To appreciate how important leadership is in the management and implementation of strategies and incorporate this knowledge in future strategic planning
  • To anticipate and evaluate likely and unlikely risks and incorporate this analysis into strategic management, while enabling a quick and flexible response to internal and external changes
  • To identify those factors which contribute to the failure of the majority of all strategies and prevent or overcome those
  • To revise, refresh and develop those key strategic management skills which enable strategic plans to be implemented effectively




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