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Corporate Subject Area: Accounting




  • Those who are new managers or managers wanting a refresher
  • Budget holders who want to create and manage their budgets more effectively
  • Operations managers who want to know more about cost management and projects
  • Sales and marketing employees who want to understand financial statements
  • Anyone who needs to understand key accounting concepts, and improve forecasting and cost management skills
  • Managers whoare about to be promoted into positions which require financial literacy
  • Managers facing financial decisions or expect to make a contribution to a wider planning process



  • Introduce fundamental bookkeeping and accounting concepts enabling them to manage the financial aspects of their role more effectively.
  • Review the different approaches taken in the public and private sector
  • Make sense of key financial statements and some key ratios
  • Enable participants to manage financial aspects of projects more effectively
  • Assist you to put together a budget which will enable you to justify expected expenditure
  • Enable you to measure budgetary performance
  • Provide skills to enable you to conduct effective investment appraisals




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