Employability Skills- Checklist

There are certain skills, attributes and knowledge every employee, potential and existing needs to possess to be able to secure initial employment, smoothly transition to a new job or career, continually deliver on his job duties and retain the job. These proficiencies are dynamic and change with the dynamics of work environment such as organizational structure, culture, strategy, technology and form of work, thus require every career focused individual to continually develop himself to remain relevant and employable.

This article is aimed at identifying and discussing some of the skills one should have to ascertain his employability and ensure he is relevant and effective in the workplace to his benefit, the benefit of the organization and the society at large.

  1. Communication – This is the ability to listen, express oneself clearly and effectively and be heard. It includes clarity in expression, application of literacy, concision and also interpersonal skills.
  2. Organizational skills – Ability to plan, organize, be methodical, work responsibly, take charge of one’s workload and resources, as well as efficiently manage time to meet deadlines.
  3. Creativity and innovation – Ability to come up with new ideas and valuable suggestions that have the potential to meet certain needs and solve certain problems. It involves creative thinking, new imaginations, and application of superior solutions.
  4. Team work – Ability to cooperate, collaborate, support, get along and work interdependently with someone or a group of people with different background, profession, expertise and traits.
  5. Fast learning – Ability to learn new concept, methods, procedures and skills quickly and effectively as well as quickly adapt to new environment.
  6. Professionalism – Ability to exude the behavior, attitude and conduct that is required of a given profession; and commit to deliver the best possible standard using the right techniques and procedures.
  7. Technology – Ability to learn and use latest technology to accomplish tasks in specific functional areas.
  8. Entrepreneurship skills- Demonstration of creative, innovative, risk-taking ability, and being able to transform ideas into workable actions.
  9. Problem solving/ Analysis- Ability to intuitively and systematically understand and analyze information. It involves using creative thinking, emotional intelligence, researching skills, team-work, risk management and decision-making skills to solve problems and provide the most effective solutions.
  10. Flexibility- Ability to adapt and quickly change with the dynamics of work environment without negatively impacting on productivity.
  11. Self-management- Ability to take full responsibility of one’s own behavior and actions, manage one’s workload with minimal supervision, show resilience, flexibility, confidence and self-motivating.
  12. Business acumen- Ability to quickly understand and deal with business situations, including opportunities, risks, finance, etc. in such a way that produces positive outcomes to the organization
  13. Numeracy- Ability to comprehend and use data and numbers to support decision.

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