Common HR Recruitment Mistakes

The success and survival of any organization are highly dependent on the quality of its workforce. To ensure the success of the organization, HR managers set high-level goals for their human resources practices, including recruitment practices – hiring the right person at the right time in a cost-effective way. Unfortunately, most recruitment processes are planned and conducted in such a way as to defend and justify the recruiter’s choice in case anything goes wrong, rather than finding the right talent for a given position.

This challenge is evident in the common requirements and qualifications used to judge whether a candidate is fit for a job or not. For example, most job listings use requirements like BSc degree, good communication, excellent interpersonal skills, strong leadership ability, Y-years of progressive experience, etc, as a benchmark to determine who gets invited for interview and who doesn’t. The consequence of such a hiring process is recruiting an individual, who though may have acquired the highest qualification from the most prestigious institution, and/or possess the required number of work experience, may not be able to perform the job in question.

Jeffrey Immelt, for example, ended up ruining the General Electric Company despite possessing all the requirements which included obtaining degrees from 2 high-ranked universities in the world. Conversely, Matt Mullenweg, Steve Jobs, Charles Culpeper, Arash Ferdowsi, and Bill Gate, etc., were all known to possess no college degree, have very little decision making and interpersonal skills, and were probably one of the worst communicators of their time, and yet they achieved imaginable success in their respective career. Going by the conventional method of hiring, you will agree with me that most employers would hire many Jeffrey Immelt’s over the likes of Matt Mullenweg, Steve Jobs, Charles Culpeper, Arash Ferdowsi, and Bill Gate. This again shows the faultiness of our hiring processes which many times ensure that the best candidates for a job never get an invitation for an interview.

While the aim is not to invalidate the importance of considering the above-listed information during recruitment processes, it is important to note that there is more to finding the right talents than just the afore-listed requirements. HR professionals need to take a different tack in their hiring processes so as to avoid hiring what would be rightly considered as a little above average individuals over those who have what it takes to skyrocket the company to greater heights, keeping in mind that the best and most innovative, resolute and resilient people may not always have imposing credentials.

Sometimes, it requires more than just having the right qualifications and impressive credentials to be the best fit for a job. Sometimes you may have to spend some time with some people, hear them speak and watch them perform to know whether they are transformative leaders like Steve Jobs, who will go above and beyond in pursuit of uncommon accomplishments.

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