Reasons Why You May Not Have Landed Your Dream Job

Getting a new job can be exciting and scary at the same time. For some, the thought of having new learning opportunities, earning more money, expanding network may all induce excitement. For others, the thought of trying something new- change, leaving comfort zone, not knowing what to expect etc. may constitute a source of fear and consequently, hinder them from seeking a new employment opportunity.

For the purpose of this article, we will focus on the scary aspect of getting your most desired job. There are whole lots of factors that make fear creep in a person’s mind at the thought of getting or changing a job. Here are some of the main reasons why you may not have gotten the job you truly want and possible suggestions on how you can overcome them.

  1. Self-doubt. Self-doubt is a big dream killer. It has wasted many dreams and sent the wisest, smartest and most competent professionals to a black hole of despondency. Many people are held back in miserable jobs because they doubt they have the abilities, skills and competence for the next better job. To overcome self-doubt, you first have to be honest with yourself, identity your strengths and weaknesses, know what you can do and what you may need to improve on. Carefully read through job descriptions and apply for the jobs that match your skill sets.
  2. Fear of how employers will feel. Most loyal employees feel bad when trying to get a new job because they feel their current employer may not cope without them. They neither want to hurt nor disappoint their current employer. It is important to point out that it is a good thing to be loyal to your employer, however, that should not be at the cost of your career considering that an employer can replace you almost immediately you are gone. To overcome this, make your career your number one priority. Ensure you give your very best while working with any employer. That way, you will be able to leave without the feeling or guilt of disappointing anybody.
  3. Fear of the unknown. A lot of people are miserable in their current jobs, and yet are not taking the necessary steps to find better ones simply for the fear that their next jobs may be worst than what they have. To such people, it is easier to cook up reasons why things are not going well in their jobs while assuming it’s a normal experience. The safest way to conquer the fear of the unknown is to confront your fear and ignorance. Conduct intensive research about other companies, embark on career conversation, attend networking functions, and talk to people from other companies to find out their experiences at their workplace.
  4. Complacency. Many people are reluctant about taking the next step towards accelerating their career because of their complacency – they seem to be self-satisfied with the position, title and respect they have gained where they work. People who find themselves in such situation are most likely not able to actualize their full career potential. To deal with complacency, you will have to find purpose and meaning in your career goals and be committed to it, create higher standards for yourself, establish new personal identity and lastly, know that you are much more than what you have achieved.
  5. Fear of leaving the comfort zone. This is another hindrance to getting a new job. Quite a number of people prefer to stick to the work culture and environment they are used to rather than take the troubles that come with being a new employee – learning new workplace culture, meeting new people, making new friends, finding new spots for lunch break, etc. One sure way to deal with this fear is to learn to overcome it. Push yourself to go beyond your usual, meet new people and search out new experiences for yourself.

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