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Training for NYSC Youth Corps Member

A recent research shows that only 11% of fresh Graduates in Nigeria are employable due to Lack of requisite skills for 21st Century work force. This is why Clarionttech has set an objective to train and certify 20,000 serving NYSC youth Corpers annually.

Clarionttech Services is an education consultancy with presence in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja and Ghana. We represent the interest of several institutions in Nigeria, USA, Canada, India, and United Kingdom in Providing Highly sought individual and Corporate Certifications that can be used within and outside Nigeria.

Clarionttech has subsidized training and certification fee for Corp members who want to take their rightful place in the world.

Our consultants are industry experts who train using hands on practical experience to impact their wealth of knowledge to young Nigerian Minds. Our facilities are fully equipped with current industry instruction materials and students are given training materials to ease their learning.

In addition, our talent hunters are in constant touch with companies in order to supply skilled manpower from our pool of successful trainees.


Each course cost ₦17,999. This covers registration, course manuals, Videos, Notepad, Refreshment, Examination and Professional certificates. A combo of 3 Courses for ₦50,000


We allow installment payments. But payments must be completed on or before the beginning of training.

A valid NYSC ID Card.



  • To develop and lead effective HR and Organisational Development strategies and create a Learning, Training and Development (LTD) culture
  • To explore a range of HR specialisms including development, performance management and effective recruitment strategy
  • To plan and manage an LTD needs analysis
  • To identify and manage talent and support employees plan their careers
  • To increase the impact of verbal communication in multiple and complex situations
  • To increase confidence, assertiveness skills and the ability to influence people positively
  • To apply NLP and Emotional Intelligence to self-development
  • To maximise the Return on Investment (ROI)  See More

Did you know that knowledge of Safety and Safety Certification is a major requirement for you who is a graduate of Accounting, Engineering, Medicine, Agriculture, Architecture, Business Management or any vocational skill looking to make yourself employable in todays Labour market?

Pause! And Think! Why you never scale through many Job screening processes.

Yes your degree is not enough.

Up your skill with Internationally recognized Safety Certification from World Safety Organization. Train on Health Safety and Environment, First Aid and CPR, Fire Prevention and Fighting techniques, Oil and Gas Safety Management, Oil Well Safety Inspection, Food Safety, Electrical Safety and Many more with certifications you can use within and outside Nigeria.

Walk into Clarionttech training centers in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.

Here We have the best professional Tutors to plant safety in you. Call this number and Send an email.  Learn More

With costumer confidence and customer loyalty, providing excellent customer service is no longer an added benefit. Customers who are not happy with the way they are treated are taking their businesses elsewhere. Customer loyalty can be your key to restoring customer confidence, which can keep your business afloat. Giving your customers an exceptional experience will bring exceptional results: your customers become a marketing tool for your business. This programme is highly participative and allows participants learn the art of effective customer service. This training is tailored at teaching you how to give exceptional customer service.  See More

Every business requires some kind of purchasing or procurement, transportation and storage of goods and services from point of production to when it gets to the final consumer, this is referred to as a flow.

Our logistics and supply chain course introduces you to the basic concept of Plan, Source, Make, Deliver and Return. We will also look at supply chain drivers, key metrics, benchmarking techniques and sustainable supply chain strategies. See More


• Individuals with the PMP credential are most sought-after by Fortune 500 companies globally.

• Due to its widespread recognition, more companies are looking for individuals who have acquired the PMP certification. Acquiring this widely accepted certification gives you an ultimate edge over your colleagues.

• Based on a recent survey, it is proven that PMP certified project managers get paid more that the non-PMP similarly qualified individuals.

• By acquiring this certification, your name gets added to the most prestigious database of certified professionals in the project management community and you start commanding a different status among your peers also.

• Acquisition of this certification widens your career prospects.  See More

ourse Objectives

  • Describe the implications of different aspects of Tracking Tasks
  • Feedback process and handling Employees for Feedback/Ideas
  • Handling and dealing with E-Mail
  • Identifying and handling confidential Information
  • Internal and External Audit Requirements
  • Creating and Identifying Procedures
  • Creating, Sharing and Executing Procedure Guide
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Planning Meetings
  • Learn the rudiment of Organizing Travel and handling Logistics   See More

As users become more resistant to patronage, Leading marketers and sales persons are in the business of identifying real needs and persuading potential customers to respond favorably to ideas that will result in mutual satisfaction for both them and the buyer.

This course is designed to help you achieve result and real growth in your sales figures. You will learn;

  • How to help your customer get what they want
  • Need to Understand your product options better for effective negotiation.
  • How to Carry out a feasibility study
  • How to Conduct a market and competitor analysis
  • Understand the four Marketing Mix    See More

Facilities management is a professional management discipline focused upon the efficient and effective delivery of support services for the organizations that it serves. It serves to ensure the integration of people, systems, place, process, and technology.

Professional FM as an interdisciplinary business function has the objective to coordinate demand and supply of facilities and services within public and private organizations.

Clarionttech Services FM course covers these two main areas: ‘Space & Infrastructure’ (such as planning, design, workplace, construction, lease, occupancy, maintenance, furniture and cleaning) and ‘People & Organization’ (such as catering, ICT, HR, accounting, marketing, hospitality). The first refers to the physical built environment with focus on (work-) space and (building-) infrastructure. The second covers the people and the organization and is related to work psychology and occupational physiology.  Learn More

Food safety is a scientific discipline describing handling, preparation, and storage of food in ways that prevent foodborne illness. This includes a number of routines that should be followed to avoid potential health hazards. In this way food safety often overlaps with food defense to prevent harm to consumers.

This course outlines the principles of food safety and provides learners with the knowledge, understanding and skills required to operate safely within food handling environments.

It is specifically for those employed or wishing to be employed in the catering and hospitality sector.

It is also better for every food manager hopeful to be updated    Learn More

This course describes the hazards of electrical work and basic approaches to working safely. You will learn skills to help you recognize, evaluate, and control electrical hazards. This information will prepare you for additional safety training such as hands-on exercises and more detailed reviews of regulations for electrical work. Start your career off right by learning electrical safe practices and developing good safety habits while working with electricity. Safety is a very important part of any job. Do it right from the start.   See More


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  1. GUTUL EDWARD CHRISTOPHER24th August 2019 at 9:53 am

    I am interested and will appreciate if you contact me soon. I want to combine two courses at once

  2. I’m an aspiring corp member going for service by October and I’m interested in taking the course. I’d appreciate if you contact me and give more details. Thank you

  3. I am interested and would like you to contact me

  4. Please call 08146485946

  5. Please when is the next registration? I just finished my orientation camp.

  6. For Corps Members, Training runs every month. Flexible schedule and relatively pocket friendly. Drop an email or visit Our training facility in Lagos, Abuja or Port Harcourt

  7. Blessing ifeanyi-Okoh27th September 2019 at 1:53 pm

    Am a Corp member and am interested. just that my PPA is in Benin. I will like to know if the training will be possible and to get more details on the HR course

  8. Am a serving corp member in Ogun State .
    looking for means on HRM certification. pls contact me.

  9. Thank you for stopping by. We will send you and email shortly

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